Tony Sterling has reached 2000 solutions!

Title says it all, but congratulations to Tony Sterling for reaching 2000 solutions!
I said this last time when you hit 1000 solutions, but surely you have to be the member with the most solutions now surely?!

Anywho! Congrats dude Smiley Happy

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Congrats Tony!!!!! And thanks

Congrats Tony!!!!! And thanks for all the great knowledge you share!!!!


Thanks guys!  I think I am

Thanks guys!  I think I am around 2nd most after Marianne, she is over 2,300.  That's okay, though, the get a bit more traffic then we do.   smiley

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and to think I taught Tony

and to think I taught Tony everything he knows ;-)



Working for

Like i said to Leslie,

Like i said to Leslie, Marianne is just too smart for the likes of us Smiley Happy
That being said! with 2000 solutions, and 6400 comments, almost One out of every Three posts you make is the solution, so there is always that Smiley Happy

You certainly have helped

You certainly have helped lots of people Tony!



Regards. Gertjan

Congratulations Tony! Keep up

Congratulations Tony! Keep up the great work!

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Congrats Tony! You've always

Congrats Tony! You've always been a great help....


Great work Tony !!

Great work Tony !! Congratulations


Congratulation Tony, Great

Congratulation Tony, Great learnings comes from your post / comment Smiley Happy

Keep doing good job.


Congratulation Tony !!!!!!!! 

Congratulation Tony !!!!!!!!