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Tried to re-add an EV server into ev site

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Long story short:

I'm installing a brand new EV 12 solution consisting of 2 x EV servers and EV SQL server - all vms running Windows 2012 r2.

I installed and configured both servers into a new EVsite and created all the archive and index locations, ALL firewalls are OFF and everything was looking good. Then patched both servers to EV12.0.1

Before I got as far as adding any targets I noticed that I had installed the EV binaries onto the wrong volume for one of the EV servers. I wanted to install it on the D:\ but had left the default c:\ location without realising. It all worked fine but being a bit OCD I decided to remove the EV server from the site and reinstall on the correct volume.

Did this by following the tech note on removing an EV server from an EV site and this worked fine - I removed all tasks (there weren't any), index locations, partitions, vault stores and finally the EV server itself. The remaining EV server is fine and not showing any errors.

I then went into Add and Remove programs and unistalled EV itself from the server. This went smoothly and also uninstalled the patch - it didn't ask me to, but I rebooted the server and then manually deleted the Enterprise Vault folder that was still on the C:\ drive.

I did a reinstall (this time making sure I selected the correct volume) and proceeded to run the EV configuration to add the server to the existing EV site. This failed with the ) "Failed to read sites for organization" error when I entered in the EV alias of the remaining EV server.

I also get these DCOM errors:

DCOM got error "2147942405" from the computer EVSERVER01 when attempting to activate the server:


The application-specific permission settings do not grant Remote Launch permission for the COM Server application with CLSID


 and APPID


 to the user MyDomain\svc_evservice SID (S-1-5-21-1454471165-2049760794-839522115-22560) from address running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

Just to confirm - ALL FIREWALLS ARE OFF - but I'm not sure what I could have done to suddenly create this error. This is yet to go into production and it's only about 1Hrs work to delete the EV site entirely and re-install EV on both servers. So probably won't spend too long on this.

I did try adding the 12.0.1 patch to the server but this still gave the same error

However, a little bit mindful that the above error looks like an OS issue and so deleting the EVsite entirely and starting again should work, but not 100% certain and even though it's not a big job for me to start again someone might have had this before and can guide me to a 10 mins fix.

So I thought I'd just through it out there to you kindly people :o)

Also - there might come a day when I need to do this in a full production system so also keen to know if there is a more convenient fix than a rebuild :o)

many thanks

PS - couple of other things perhaps ot note:

Previously the server that I'm re-installing was the server I first built and therefore the one that I initially used to create the EV site  - perhaps this means that something in SQL remains pointing to this server name\alias?

This server also has EV DA installed on it which I did not uninstall as part of this rebuild activity - as I couldn't see how it would help,



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Probably easier to remove the EV directory database from SQL and start over.

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Thanks. I messed around with it for about 30 mins but nothing was really working for me so just reinstalled.