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USL side affects?

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Scenario: 6 EV servers in the site. Version 10.0.4 CHF3.

Running USL from the VAC results in Storage, Task Controller and Indexing services restarting on ALL 6 EV servers in the site.

This occurs if 1 out of the 6 servers is being failed over, -or- even if no failover of a server is being done, just by virtue of running USL at any time from the VAC.

Anyone else notice this behavior before?



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Hello Dihrig,

I believe this is 'works as designed'.

USL is ment to (like you state) failover an EV server. Services will need to be restarted, to make sure they are functioning on the new server, and are removed from the old.

We  also see services set to automatic, where we have them usually set to 'automatic (delayed start)'.

USL is for the whole site, even when you failover one server. Services restart reasonably quick, so I would not worry abouut this too much.

Regards. Gertjan