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Unable to Open EV Attachments with OWA

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This might be a simple issue to fix but I am getting lost in 130 page documents explaining the beginning of time whenever I try to search for the issue. We upgraded EV to v10 changing servers thus the server name of EV. Now when in OWA, externally, when we try to open an attachment, it fails with a webpage saying the site cannot be reach, DNS address cannot be found. But it is working internally, I can open attachments. I can also ping the FQDN thats showing as ureachable, internally. It resolves to the server name.

Im not sure where to look first with this but I think its a setting in the EV console.  


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Hi SBMTMiller,

did you see this and can you confirm that its configured as described?

Enterprise Vault Outlook Web Access (OWA 2010 and earlier) Internal and External WebApp URLs configuration


In addition, what is happening when you are trying to access AE/ Search Button in OWA? 

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