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Unable to archive folders

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Dear All,

This is regarding Enterprise Vault file system archiving

We are using EV 11.0.

We have added two folders for archiving under volume. But archiving not happened for these two folders.

Last time when we had open case with Veritas for similar issues Veritas engineer has suggested to rename the folder and it works unfortunately since we have an older version of EV we cant raise a ticket with Veritas. We cant rename folders frequently.

This is windows bug or EV limitations?Need to understand how to proceed? 



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Hi there,

Have you checked the FSA report?

Also, have you checked the archive point got created?


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Hi Virgil,

I have run the task in report mode as well as normal mode but both times in the Archiving point summery it won't show the archive point path.However, archive point has created. 

I have verified eligible files present on the target folders.


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It may be that something is corrupting the archive point. You could perform the following to see if it resolves the issue. 

1. Delete the archive point with command in EV directory.  Path should be the folder where the archive point is present. 

archivepoints delete \\server\share\archivepoint 

2. Recreate the archive point with FSAUtility. This is to the volume target that contains the archive point. 

fsautility -a -s \\server\share 

You should see that the AP was re-created. 

3. Run the archiving task again to determine if the AP is seen in the report.  

A Dtrace of the  EvFsaArchivingTask process on the EV server during archiving would be the only way to determine if something else is going on beyond that. 



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Thanks to all of you for your support.

I have performed below steps and issues has been resolved however still not understand the cause of the issue

I have unchecked all other folders added as a target for archiving. The idea behind this action to minimize the Dtrace logs however surprised when I run the task archiving has started.