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Unable to backup Vault with Backup Exec 2012 and Vault Agent

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Getting no joy on the Backup Exec Forum and they asked me to post here.

My Vault Environment is as follows:

LHR-VAULT1, Hosts EV, Windows 2008 R2, Backup Exec installed on this box 2012 with the Agent for databases etc. and a local LTO5 library.

LHR-VAULTSQL, 2008 R2, Hosts the SQL DB for Vault (and nothing else).

All I want to be able to do is run a backup of the files that are the closed partitions.

When I do a backup with Backup Exec, I have 2 choices. I can backup the Drivers / folders (this ignores and does not backup and of the Vault files) or I can backup the EVPartition shares (this backs up nothing).

This was the behaviour we had before we installed the agent. So to me, it seems like the agent is not working right.

Any ideas.




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Can I just confirm you do not have the EV agent for Backup Exec?  I believe not from the above.

Im a little confused by the comment "(this ignores and does not backup and of the Vault files". 

If you dont have the EV agent for BAckup Exec then the EV files should be being backed up precisely as any other file type you want to backup.  The fact it is DVS or doc should be irreleveant.  All EV will care about is that the archive bit is reset ( if you are using this atrribute for EV to determine the item has been backed up). 


If this is nnot backuing up these files and you have no explanation why then I would recommend you get a case logged with the backup exec team as Backup Exec should simply be able to backup files and the fact they are EV files as I said should be irrelevant.


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And when I look at what this does, it lists Enterprise Vault as one of the things.

So I believe this is the right thing. I may be wrong.

However, I believe you are wrong about being able to backup the files from what I have read on the internet. It seems that Symantec cleverly disable the ability to backup Enterprise Vault files if you have not paid a premium for the Vault agent... even if you just want to do a file level backup! Cheeky right?!

When I run a backup, it will backup any files I have created in the subfolders (including the IgnoreArchiveBit.txt files) but litterally skips over every Vault file.

I have actually set the ball in motion with a support call from a Symantec partner we use.

I got the advice that i would be able to backup Vault from Backup Exec on the server here, so I thought I would probably be able to get some advice on here too.

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Hello James,

It seems to me, after reading both your posts on this, that the issue is directly related to the Backup Exec EV Agent (as opposed to BE or EV in general).  The agent is troubleshot by the Backup Exec support team.  It looks like you have a supported configuration, I think that your support call will be the best method to figure out what is wrong here.

From what you said it looks like EV is working fine, so I don't really have any advice for you from an EV standpoint.

I did find the following two Tech articles that might get you started in the right direction:

  1. What to provide for a Backup Exec Support Case:
  2. How to enable Debugging for Enterprise Vault:

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Hi James,

When BE or NBU agents start a backup job of EV, Enterprise Vault generates a XML file with all the information regarding the EV configuration. This file is called EVBackup.XML and it should be located under the Enterprise Vault installation directory. If you perform a search for this file, you should be able to find it. You can use notepad to edit the file and confirm if the file is being generated properly. If the file contains all the EV configuration, then you need to go to the BE side for more assistance, since EV is providing the information correctly. If not, then you might need to open a case with EV support for more assistance.

I hope this helps.

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Yep, that gets generated, but as to whether it is doing so correctly I have no idea.

Will update this once I have a solution / more info.


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Hi James

I dont know if this is helpfull but I ran into a simlar issues with EV 10 SP4

Basically BE cannot do a file level backup or and Agent based backup with EV 10.0.4.


I’ve tested this and the results are as follows:


1)      if you do a backup through the agent it fails on setting backup mode and does not proceed any further (it does however appear to do the databases)

2)      if you do a file level backup it backs up nothing.


The only way to get it to function properly is by disabling the agent component and doing a file level backup through BE.

Please see the following Symantec technote article for a solution:


best regards

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Thanks superduper, but I know all of the above already.


I have made progress though. I know what is going wrong now!


The agent for Vault is not being used as we have a licence for 1 item and they gets chewed up by the SQL for Backup Exec itself! Which I don't want to backup!

Is there anyway to configure this agent? To say not to look at SQL but to look at EV instead?

If not, I will be forced to remove SQL from this box and put it elsewhere, which I didn't want to do.



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New problem of the day... I am trying to install BE with the SQL on another server, but the install is failing.

I believe SQL is all setup OK and I have had our DBAs check it out. In the BE install, it sees I am trying to install it to a remote server and then it just starts local services and tries to intsall it locally, again.

I believe there is a botched local SQL install.

Anyone know how to force BE to install to a remote SQL when it is trying to intsall it locally - or what SQL is required by Vault on the non-SQL server in our 2 server environment?