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Unable to locate any vault stores (0, ) When Opening Vault Store Usage Reporter

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Hi Guys,

At the first place, I want to open http://evserver/enterprisevault/usage.asp web page but unfortunately I got 500 error message with 0x800700aa. I tried to create a test asp page, it successfully opened on IIS root but it got the same 500 error message when the file placed on EV webapp folder.

So I compared the Application Pool between the two. The Default Web Site runs using DefaultAppPool while the EnterpriseVault runs using EnterpriseVaultAppPool. The asp web page now able to run but when try to open http://evserver/enterprisevault/usage.asp, I got "Error: Unable to locate any vault stores (0, )" error message as shown by exhibit below.

EV Error (0, ).PNG

May I know what causes the 500 error message with 0x800700aa at the first place? And which application pool EV should use? And after the changes I made, why the EV cannot locate any vault stores? Thank you.


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Try recreating the ev virtual directory

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Run IE as an Administrator and go to the same link