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Unable to open vaulted message from Outlook

Level 5

I have a curious situation.  I have one user who cannot open vaulted messages in her Outlook.  She gets the following pop-up:

"Could not process the selected items.  Reason: A server error has occurred."

"The URL sent to the web server did not contain enough information."


There is also a message across the top of the message window in Outlook that reads"

         This item was archived by Enterprise Vault on Tuesday, December 04, 2012 9:59:03 AM.

There was an error loading this item - some functionality may not be available.


Some data points:

- User is working from freshly imaged workstation with Windows 7 SP1, Outlook 2010, SEV HTTP-only add-in 9.0.4.R1

- User has apparently never been able to view vaulted messages on this workstation.

- User can access vaulted messages from same workstation via OWA.

- I can log into user's workstation and access my vaulted messages in Outlook 2010.

- User can log into another workstation, creating a new local profile, and get same error in Outlook 2010.

- The SEV Outlook add-in has been removed and re-installed.

- SEV server is 9.0.4.R1



Level 6

I would personally suggest contacting Symantec Support and working with them to try to troubleshoot the issue, and/or reproduce it.

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