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Unable to retrive Archived Data from EMC VNX 5700

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We have recently deployed Enterprise vault (EV) 11.0.1 on windows server 2012 R2 in order to use the File System Archiving (FSA) feature.

We have added the CIFS shares which are hosted on EMC VNX 5700 as the FSA targets and have started archiving the shares.
The other day we were trying to simulate the DR for EV and hence failed the services of the PROD EV server to the DR EV server. Please note that these two servers are not in a cluster.

Once we have stopped all the services of the PROD EV server and made them available on the DR site then when we tried to retrieve the data by clicking on the placeholders then the retrieval was failing with an error message that says "Cannot open the file. Make sure there is a Disk in the specified drive.

After checking the logs on the storage system as well, i was able to see an error message that says " Could not receive an HTTP response from an HTTP server; status code - 1005 Unkown username or password"

We have verified all the credentials and everything that we can think of but somehow we were unable to identify the root cause of it. Please note that the retrieval was working absolutely fine on the PROD site but after we have shut down the PROD server retrieval has stopped working on the DR site.

If anyone can help me with any sort of pointers or suggestions then that would be great.

Environment Details:

Enterprise Vault version 11.0.1
hosted on: Windows Server 2012 R2
FSA Targets: CIFS Shares hosted on EMC VNX 5700 DART version 7.1.79
Vault Store: It is a CIFS Share hosted on the EMC VNX 5700.


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i found this technote which has the exact same error you're getting except for a Celerra. hope it helps point you in the right direction.

Unable to recall archived files on a EMC Celerra

Level 3
Thanks for the reply Andrew, I have tried the steps mentioned in the article but stilll I'm facing the same issue.