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Unvaulting Mailboxes EV9

Level 3

Hi All, We're in the process of moving a number of teams off enterprise vault.

We've been looking at the options and what the best way to do this would be. Our aim is to unvault their email back in to their exchange mailbox.

We've explored doing this from the users machine by creating a custom search folder and then restoring from vault, however we have quite a few users with 60k-100k of vaulted emails.. we're finding we have to select in batches of a couple of thousand and we're also finding its quite unreliable (freezes, crashes etc).

We're now looking at unvaulting from the server side however there's not a lot of guidance confirming the process and its reliability. Can anyone provide guidance on the below:

1. I've read that you need to rbuild the index for the mailbox before unvaulting else emails etc may end up in the wrong place, e.g. its vaulted then the stub is filed away.. the unvaulted email will return to the stubs origin.

2. We're finding the index rebuild takes 12-24 hours (depending on archive size) and its quite resource heavy.. We need to be moving 8-10 users per day but its not realistic to be running an mailbox index rebuild for each of these.

Should we be looking at a different index update such as 'Update Index Volume' or 'Repair Index Volume' ?

Is there any specific steps that we should be following for this scenario?

Any help would be much appreciated,


Level 6

I find it easier to just export from the archive to PST and import into he mailbox.  You can powershell script removing the shortcuts from the mailbox.

Thanks for the reply WiTSend.

We have considered the PST route and it's definitely something we will look in to..

Our main concern is ensuring emails are restored to the correct location, and from my searches both on the VOX forums and through blogs etc it looks like EV has no way of tracking where stubs are moved post archive..  although an engineer who I spoke to previously said a full mailbox index rebuild does update the stub location? (this is the part that takes up to 24 hours)...

Everythings pointing to the only solution being to restore the items within outlook.. which is going to be a massive problem for us as it's not feasible... we have approx 300 users.. 70 of those have archives over 60GB, some 100GB.

I've seen a few people discussing scripts but nothing tried and tested out there so it seems..