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Upgrade 12.4 to 12.5

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Currently we have EV 12.4.2 with Exchange 2013. We are planning the upgrade to Exchange 2019, latest CU. I hence need to upgrade EV at least to version 12.5 to stay in a supported matrix. It's actually a minor version upgrade. Beyond the Upgrade guide contained in the EV 12.5 documentation .zip, is there some other "quick upgrade guide" for my case? Or maybe you can kindly provide me basic steps in order to perform the upgrade. Moreover, it is unclear to me wether I need to double step 12.4.2 -> 12.5 -> 12.5.3 or I can go directly to 12.5.3. Is the "Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade" still required?

This is how I would proceed:

1. Disable archiving and storage expiry
2. put EV partitions and indexes in backup mode
3. shutdown EV and take a vm snapshot
4. run the installer 12.5.3
5. eventually run the Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade -verbose
6. start ev services and check behavior and event logs
7. exit backup mode and enable archiving and storage expiry
8. delete snapshot

If this above is correct please confirm or tell me otherwise.

Thank you,


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I believe that all the macro step.
Before running the
Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade only start the directory service.

And upgrade all the console before opening them (if you have any)
I always do a full backup after step 2, backup mode.

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I agree with Tonaco_pt. The database upgrader you always need to execute. This is described in the upgrade manual. Keep in mind that 12.5 is nearing EOL, 1-1-2024. It is already in extended support..

See EOL EV for exact dates.

Regards. Gertjan