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Upgrade EV to version 12

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Hi all,

We are going to upgrade our EV (email & file archving) server from version 11 to 12.

Our current version is and now the latest version is 12.2.2

May I know should I upgrade the server to 12.0->12.1->12.2 or upgrade the server from to 12.2.2 directly?


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Hi Ryan,

You can upgrade directly from 11.x to 12.x, then upgrade the database and install the service pack. Just be aware that EV 12.x and above requires Windows Server 2012, hence if you are running older OS version on the current EV version, you will have to migrate to a new server.


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You can upgrade from your current system to 12.2, but 12.2.2 is a maintenance release and so can only be applied after you have upgraded to 12.2.


12 = Major release
12.x = Minor release
12.x.y = Maintenance release

Maintenance releases are partial install packages (i.e., only the modified files are supplied) and therefore can only be applied on top of an existing installation of the relevant minor release.

Major and minor releases contain the full installation package, so you can upgrade from up to one major version back.



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The last version is the 12.2.1 and not the 12.2.2 (

For make your upgrade you need the following steps :

- In first check the last compatibility chart of Enterprise Vault for OS, SQL Server, Outlook, Exchange ... :

- Migrate from Windows 2008 to Windows 2012 and stay in version 11.0.1

- Maybe move your Enterprise Vault databases on a SQL Server 2012 minimum (2014 or 2016 are OK)

- Upgrade Enterprise Vaullt from V11.0.1 to V12.2 R1 (don't use the 12.2, it have an issue regarding Storage Expiry)

- Apply the last CU 12.2.1 (


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Most of the times you will need to change OS too.

For example Win 2012

Therefore go 11.0.1 (your current version) and from thereone use server migrator tool to move to 12.2 NOT 12.1 on another server (if required)!!

Check the Enterprise Vault compatibility guide to see other dependencies.