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Upgrade EV7 to EV8 on Microsoft Cluster

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I'm attempting to determine any gotcha's with upgrading an EV7 server to EV8 that is installed on a Windows active/passive cluster. All databases are on a separate Windows active/passive cluster. Based on the Upgrade Readme file I will need to stop services using the Cluster Administrator but there is no other direction provided. Do I need to perform the upgrade against both nodes in the EV cluster hosting the Directory? For the SQL server, don't think I need to install anything unless they are using Reporting Services, however, in that case do I need to upgrade both nodes as well. Searching for any information on the process for upgrading active/passive clusters host EV directory and SQL databases.



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I have not performed such an upgrade but logic says that yes you need to perform the binary install on each of the nodes in the cluster before running the configuration because if you do the upgrade on one then fail it over the second server binaries will not be up to date and could try to make changes in the new database structure which will scre up your EV databases

As for the SQL upgrade with reporting services...yes you will need to do the same there also. upgrade them both before starting EV

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Hi there.

You should have a look at the UpgradeInstructions_EN.htm file here:

Steps to upgrade a cluster are outlined.
(It's just "taking ressource offline"... not much more)

If you are installing on a cluster, note that Enterprise Vault does not support high-availability upgrades. You must install the servers software on all nodes in the cluster before you start Enterprise Vault services or run the configuration wizard.

should answer your question if both nodes need upgrading.

You don't need to install anything on the SQL Server, except for the Reporting part, correct.

Hope this helps?


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