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Upgrade issue from 6.0 SP2 to 7.0 SP3

Level 2
We upgraded last week from 6.0 SP2 to 7.0 SP3. The upgrade process completed successfully but we are having huge issues after the upgrade.
The server CPU is staying very high and storage service is not responding almost once every day. So after every 4 hours, all the users lose the access to KVS and we have to reboot the server to get it back to working.
Does anyone here have upgraded to 7.0 SP3 and seen these issues? We are having tought time getting any support from enterprise vault support team for our emergency ticket and they are not able to fiqure out the issue. The only thing they are telling us is that it could be caused by offline vault getting too much data and crashing and we can upgrade to 7.5
Any help or suggestion would be really apprciated.
Thanks in advance.

Level 6
What is your case reference number? (I'm a Director in the Enterprise Vault enginering team) so want to check your case.
In terms of troubleshooting
1. Is there any particular process using the CPU e.g. StorageArchive, Storageonlineopns, StorageCrawler
2. Any errors in the event log?

Level 2
The case ref number is 230-483-398. I was able to talk to a support person in evening and they have recommended upgrading the outlook add in to latest version as we using previous 6.0 add in. But this is still an ongoing issue.
We have ton of errors mostly it starts with 7001, 6259, 6307, 6304, 7180 and 7001 again.
The storage service or any service never stops but users are unable to connect after a while.
The CPU goes to 70 -100%. Most of CPU consumed by storageonlineopns and archive task.
Thanks for looking into it and will really appreciate any help.

Level 2
Could you update this thread when you can?
We are looking into upgrading to 7.0 sp3 from 6.0 sp2 and i would like to avoid this issue. :)

Level 2
The Enterprise vault server is down at the moment.  No one can access any archives and ton of storage errors.
Director - Enignnering : Can you help with this case? Will apprecaite any help.