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Upgrading from EV2007 to EV9 and cross domain issues

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Hi All,

Can you all point me to any good documents on the steps involved in a 2-version upgrade.  I figure I would have to go to 8.0 first and then to 9.0, with all new servers due to the new database structure. 

Also, we have 2 domains, are their any issues with cross-domain journaling and DA searching across domains, how about sites or do we create a single site across domains.  Any advice or documentation on this you can point me to?




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EV can handle multiple domains fine no problems without the need to have multiple sites, the only time you would have multiple sites is if there was no connectivity between the domains or absolutely zero trust between them etc, then it would make sense to have a site for each domain.

As for the documentation, its really all in the upgrade documentation distributed with Enterprise Vault binaries....

So pretty much you would
1. Run Deployment Scanners against each of your servers (running the EV9 Deployment scanner would be recommended)
2. Resolve any issues that the DS shows
3. Put EV in to back up/read only mode
4. Backup your indexes/vault stores/databases
5. Run the EV8 setup wizard and follow it through on all EV servers.
6. Once each server has installed correctly, restart each machine
7. On the primary EV server, then run the configuration wizard and follow the steps it provides
8. Start the Directory Service and Storage Service on each and every EV Server
9. Wait for the events to say that the databases have been upgraded and that EV is now usable
10. Configure EV how you wish in regards to the Fingerprint databases/sharing levels for the new OSIS model
11. Take EV out of backup mode and ensure that everything appears to work (such as store in vault, restore from vault, browser search, archive explorer etc)
12. Once you have confirmed you have a good install, put EV back in to read only mode
13. Backup your databases again, including the new fingerprint database
14. Run the EV9 installation and follow the set up on each machine, after each machine has installed, restart each server
15. Once the servers have been restarted, you should see on the primary EV server that the Directory database has been upgraded
16. Start the storage service on each server, and wait for the event saying that the Storage Database has been upgraded
17. On the last server to upgrade your Storage Database, you will then see an event saying that the FingerPrintDatabase has now been upgraded (the fingerprint database will be upgraded by the last EV server to have upgraded its storage database)
18. Once that has completed, take EV out of backup mode and ensure that everything works

From there on out you would upgrade any PlaceHolderServices that you have installed on File Servers, deploy the SQL Reports to any Report Servers you have, install the new OWA extensions etc etc

thats just a very high level overview though, if you have a lab then i would suggest running through it a few times

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Thanks JW.

Right now we are on Exchange 2003 looking to rollout EV9.  Any changes need to be made to EV when we upgrade to Exchange 2010 in the next few months?

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Just remember that when the exchange 2010 is put in place, you will have to move the VSA mailbox to the exchange 2010 servers and run some Powershell scripts!

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Also the permissions on Exchange 2010 and 2007 are different to implement than 2003, so ask your exch admins to help, if you have Blackberry Enterprise Server installed, have them set it up like the BESAdmin