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User and Journal Mailbox Files and Folders not being deleted

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We have a 5 year retention set on our journaling mailbox and multiple retention periods for user mailboxes depending on role - between 1 and 3 years.

If an archive is searched, the retention period appears to be applied.

If you look at the folders structure for either vault store partition, there are top-level folders named 2011,2012,2013 and 2014 with various sub-folders - some have data, others are empty.

Regardless, I would believe that the file and folders should be deleted - they have reach their expiry date.

Any ideas why the folder structure is still present?

Is there a way to open the files in the folder and view the content - they extentions are .cab, .dvscc, .dvssp and .dvs 


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you can open them using the DBCC utility in Interactive mode via a DumpSaveset command. I do not personally recall if this is by design or not so I cannot help you there. Part of me wants to ask why you would be concerned as they do not take up space and this is not really a human friendly storage location anyhow.

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By default empty folders are not deleted as they are a database entry and not stored in the vault store.  You can utilize the DeleteEmptyFolders registry key to remove them if needed.



Thanks for the reply

I'm more curious about files that still remain after the expiry period?

That's why I'm trying to determine what is in the files - are the orphaned, etc?


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Ahhh...sorry I mis-interprteted the scenario.

These folders in the partition are not deleted and only the files within them are deleted. The .DVSCC, .DVSSP files could remain even if the original items (.DVS) was removed as they are the shared portion of the item and will not be removed until all references to that item are removed from SQL.  

There is not a method to programitically remove the folders.

I hope this helps.