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User receives "Failed to perform search request" when trying to access items in the PST migration folder in Archive Explorer

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I have some issues at a customer's site which I think are all interlinked so I will try to keep this as short as I can.

The environment is EV 9.0.4

Firstly, a user is due to run a workshop and requires some old emails that were migrated from her PST file into EV some time ago. She had an issue yesterday whereby she could access her archive at all but that was down to the firewall on her PC.

Everything was fine but now any mails she tries to access in her PST migration folder returns the Failed to perform search request error, yet items in her inbix open fine.

I have tried to zap her archive but get the following error:

Error parsing command file: c:\filename.ini, error follows:

Line number in error:   1
Section in error:
Attribute in error:
Value in error:

No matter what I change, it doesn't work.

I have since had a look at her archive on the server (the display properties assigned to mailbox) and have found that there are no policies assigned to it, in fact I have randomly checked other archives (including my own) and have found that all of them are not displaying any provisioning groups etc. at all!

Now a few days ago, the SQL DBs were moved to a new server and technote was followed. Initially confirmation was all good but we did receve a few calls from users who were having difficulties with archvies which eventually seemed to sort itself out. What I have noticed is that even opening up the archiveexplorerui.asp page from the server itself takes an inordinate amount of time to open even during quiet periods. Haven't timed it but it proabably takes around 1-2 minutes just to display the contents of an archive let alone trying to open an item.

Something else I have nioticed is that events 13395 and 13397 are being logged regarding connectivity to the old SQL server and not the new one. I have rechecked all the settings for the vault stores as well as the ODBC settings and all of them are poting to the new SQL server.

I have tried to export the affected user's archive, but get the following in the export log file:

  Export of archive ,(user name removed) failed.
  Reason: The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available.

Tried it on my archive and got the same result.

To add to all of this, the data is written to an EMC Centera which has collections enabled and we are having ongoing issues with that as we often get event 6761 being logged which appears to be an issue reading from the Centera however we are engaging with EMC on that as it has been a problem from quite some time and the collection staging area is huge.

So in a nutshell what I would like to ask is:

What can I do to get the user to be able to access her PST migrations archived mails as well as reinstating the polices to the mailboxes and to solve the event 13395 and 13397 issues?


Thanks in advance.




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sounds like something didn't go right when you moved sql. i did see a case recently where after ruling everything else out, it was necessary to simply reinstall the EV bits to sort out the issue.

are you getting any DCOM errors in the windows system event logs?


Event ID 10016 and "failed to perform search request" errors using Archive Explorer

for the EMC collections there's an EV registry key you might want to try. 


Items remain Pending when archiving to an EMC Centera Vault Store and/or items appear to be orphaned in the EMC Centera Temporary Collections area

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Did find some Event ID 10016 errors being logged. Tried the technote to no avail.

Reinstalled the binaries and that hasn't made a difference unfortuantely.

Regarding the Centera issue, I have applied that before and noticed a slight improvement however didn't last long and the staging area started to grow again.


Is there something else I can try?