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Users moving Placeholder Files without IT Intervention Big Issue

Level 4

Does anyone know how to handle users from moving, copying or cutting and pasting thier files if they are Placeholder Files to different directories.This seems to be a big issue and I need to find the best practice for how to keep this under control.


User moves placeholder files from directory_A to Directory_B what happens in SQL.

User cuts and pastes Placeholder files in directory_A and then pastes them into Directory_B. Does the SQL backend get updated or are there new pointers added when the archive task runs that evening.

If I have to do a recall on any of these sceniors using the Fsautility does the recall process restore all placeholder files in Both Directory_A and Directory_B or just Directory_B.

We have seen in the past on when doing a recall with FSA can create duplicate Placeholder files when the files have been moved to different directories, meaning you would have the same placeholder file that could exist in multiple directories. Big Problem there............

Which FsaUtility switch is best for this scenerio. -t or -b.

I failed too mention the placeholder moving is done on the Same Server and on the Same Archive Point. They are not going between Archive Points.

Any Help or has anybody having this same issue.