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Using SQL to force Backup Mode

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Hi All

I have an EV site, EV 11, that I need to run EVSVR in Repair Mode on 2 x Vault Stores that have 2 x active EV servers

I can put these VS in Backup Mode but I cant put the other VS in Backup Mode as these other EV servers are decommissoned. Is there a way in SQL to manually force all VS to be placed in Backup Mode so I can run the EVSVR repair as this EVSVR command expects all VS to be in Backup Mode ?



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Hi Bruce,

I am not sure the below works. It is for sure not supported :)

Directory database, Table VaultStoreEntry, column VaultStoreStatus. The VaultStores I have in backup mode have a '2' in that column.

Can you not use the EV Powershell commands to set the Vault Store Group in backup mode? I believe that works irrespective of having the EV server. As long as you have 1 EV server, it should work.

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks Gert, I havent tried Powershell. I only tried form the VAC