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Vault 9.0 to 9.0.2 info

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hi guys,


atm we have installed enterprise vault 9.0 on a single server with exchange 2010 sp1 as mail server.

i would upgrade ev from 9.0 to 9.0.2 and i'm looking for the step to do.

i have reader the manal and i would know if what i say is correct.


the step are :


1) log on to the ev server with vault service account

2) stop the EV admin service

3) stop all the other EV service as Administration console service etc etc.

4) close any applications

5) mount the cd and start with the setup.

6) at the end the server need restart.

7) at the  EV direcotry service start, it automatically upgrades the directory database schema and synchronizes new exchange archiving

8) when i see the rvent 8576 all it's ok

9) when the ev storage service start , it automatically upgrade vault database.


then i need to run the powershell script to upgrade throtteling policy on the exchange 2010.


it's all correct ?

last thing...we have the owa plugin stalled.

i need to install the new version ? or not ?


thanks for the help.-

Best Regards.




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Yup, you are doing a really simple upgrade.
So what i would is the following

1. Stop all your services and perform full backups of your databases
2. Run the setup.exe on each EV Server that you have
3. Run through the setup wizard on each server
4. Leave each server at the "you need to restart" message if one exists
5. Restart them all at the same time
6. Log on to each server
7. On the primary server start your Directory service if its not started
8. Await the message saying the directory has upgraded succesfully
9. Start the storage service
10. Go through each server and start the storage service on each
11. Look for the message saying storage has been upgraded succesfully
12. On the last EV server to have the storage service upgraded it will then post a message saying the fingerprint database has been upgraded.

Then you can update the OWA plugins if you want. Also the SSRS reports, and if you have CA or DA be sure to apply the binaries on those servers also.

If you have applied the Exchange 2010 throttling script already, you don't need to reapply it

Level 3

thanks for the answer..


in the upgrade manul of EV 9.0.2 i have read this :


This script was changed in Enterprise Vault version 9.0.2. If you are upgrading
from the Enterprise Vault 9.0 original release or from Enterprise Vault 9.0.1, you
must run this script again, as described in the section called Configuring the
Exchange 2010 throttling policy on the Vault Service account in Installing and


i need or not not then run one more time the script ? it is different script in 9.0.2 ?

if i have installed owa extension with the 9.0 in exchange 2010 sp1  i need to reinstall the binary or not ?


thanks for the help.

Best Regards.

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Partner Accredited Certified

what i would suggest is run the throttling script for EV9 SP2 if thats what they require, which is pretty well documented there.

As for upgrading the OWA extensions, the EV readme notes are here:

Reading through there are NO changes/fixes/improvements to the OWA extensions
which means you will be fine to use the EV9 SP1 OWA extensions if you wish