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Vault Cache Diagnostics sync pending


I have 6 case, out of 12407 archive, where Vault Cache Diagnostic shows Status = Pending, Header Sync State = Not yet syncronizing.

One of the client call because every time its start outlook a message popup saying that EV is not syncing call Sys Admin.

What I have done:

  • Delete and recreate Outlook profile
  • Delete mapisvc.inf
  • Run ResetEVClient.exe
  • Disable and reanable the EV archive
  • Verify that Bits service running at client computer
  • Archive explorer, Search Archive work fine.
  • User can manually archive itens from the mailbox
  • http://<evserver>/EnterpriseVault/VCView.aspx is working,
  • I have at least 11000 user with the same provisioning group as this 6 users.


IIS EV logs:

2015-10-12 08:21:46 GET /EnterpriseVault/ClientDiagnostics.aspx P=1&MSt=10&CSt=3&Ci=12&Td=0&Fa=0&Host=PW71310427.ritta.local&AId=1737BB744FF545C49B03B70B8239C62B71110000EXCHEVARQ01&OLVer= 80 RITTA\em17609 EnterpriseVaultOutlookExt-V10.0.4.1354 200 0 0 234


Server: windows2008 r2, Enterprise Vault

Index Server; Windows 2012 R2, Enterprise Vault

Workstation: Windows 7 x64, Outlook 2010, Evault Add'ins




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Yeah mst = none. So there are

Yeah mst = none. So there are no MDCs in the client folder and is the client folder even there? C:\Users\john.smith\AppData\Local\KVS\Enterprise Vault\3D87D709501DC2478B344471022C8060

Maybe check Anything in the dtrace when you try to sync?

Thank dcVAST,  MST=10?,

Thank dcVAST, 

MST=10?, rigth, I don´t no what that mean, going to study that now.

None of the entry key mention on Article:000046284,was not present.

Because the user neaded to work, I had to recreate the user profile(windows not outlook).

Everything started work.