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Vault Search cannot be opened in Outlook 2013

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Hi @ all,

since we update Office from 2007 to 2013, many users (increasing) have the problem, that if they try to open the integrated search, the search02k.asp and also the new EV 11 search cannot be opened. Only an empty windows will be displayed (like an empty folder). Open the links in IE directly is working fine.

After clicking on Vault Search in Outlook, you´ll get the following page:

We tried the following:

  • Running ResetEVClient.exe
  • Creating an new Outlook profile
  • Zapping Mailbox
  • Trying to solve this issue with following Technote:
  • Verifying that IE (10)  is standard browser
  • Verifying that IE (10) is in compatibility mode
  • Open the EVWebViewRedirect.htm -> opens the Vault Search in IE -> OK
  • Logon as different user on that computer and open Vault Search -> OK
  • Logon user on other computer and open Vault Search -> OK


So it looks like a problem with the user profile, but what?!

Hope somebody has a solution - possibly Symantec/Veritas in "Case ID 20718612 - Vault Search cannot be opened in Outlook 2013"




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Hello Thorsten,

In your desktop policy, tab advanced, dropdown Outlook, values Launch Archive Explorer and Search behavior, have you set these to 'Seperate Browser'?

I have seen this behavior once, and the 'solution' was to recreate the users profile completely. There was something corrupt in his logon profile. (basically we had a new account created (like alinkg1), asked user to test with that).

When that proved ok, we made sure user's settings were copied over to new account, and decommissioned old account. But of a canon to shoot a bug, but that was the only option we could think of after having tried everything else.



Regards. Gertjan