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Vault Service Account

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Hi there,

I have a customer that has a requirement to have two Vault Service Accounts for two physical separates sites. Each site has its own Exchange server part of the same Organization, so basically we will be having one EV directory with two sites and one EV server on the primary and one on the secondary site. 

Due to audit considerations, we need to have separate Vault Service Account for each site. Do you think this is a feasible solution? Any thoughts around this please?




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Vault Service Account can be configured at Directory Properties level, so it is per EV Directory. I suspect, this cannot be done. Why dont you create two directories if its seperate physical site?

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Hi giuliod,

No, it's not possible. The VSA is configured at the Directory level. You can have one, two or more sites per directory but only one VSA per Directory. If you need to have two VSAs then you need to have two separate Enterprise Vault directory databases. In that case, you can't have both sites under the same directory.

I hope this helps.