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Vault Store marked for deletion forever

Hi folks,

I'm running Enterprise Vault 11.x under W2012R2 at one site.

I tried to delete a vault store, I thought it wouldn't be used anymore. But I was wrong:

- no archive within this store

- but this Vault store has sharing enabled at the group level

- thus there should be a bunch of savesets in this store, waiting for retention for some years now

I clicked "delete" before thinking, yeah, a great decisionSmiley Frustrated


So now is the question:

- is there any chance for reversion?

- what happens, when I upgrade to EV 12.x in this state?

Maybe there is some kind of solution....






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Re: Vault Store marked for deletion forever

Hello Buck,

As far as I am aware, you can upgrade to 12 if you need to. You might see some errors in the eventlog, but if you follow the upgrade manual, the upgrade should work without issues.

As for 'undoing' the deletion. I know that you can change a value when deleting archives, not sure if this can be done for VS also. You might be able to figure something out when looking at the VaultStoreEntry table in the Directory database. (VaultStoreStatus field), but be advised that editing SQL is NOT supported at all,unless specifically assisted by Veritas support!

If you have a test environment, you might be able to test there.


Regards. Gertjan

Re: Vault Store marked for deletion forever


I'm agree with Gertjan, you can migrate in version 12 whithout issue ... but you will keep the same issue ... I have a client with the same thing.



Re: Vault Store marked for deletion forever

Thank's so far, I am going to ask the support for details, I want to get rid of the red xSmiley Wink

Re: Vault Store marked for deletion forever

Hi Buck,

Once you get the solution from support, please share it here so that other people can also benefit. Thanks.


Re: Vault Store marked for deletion forever

Hi again,

there is a solution, but I'm asked not to publish details here. Opening a support case is the way, I'm sorry.

It's about changing values in two SQL tables, one for the store and the other for the partition. The red X on both is history now, but the data is still thereSmiley Very Happy

BTW: Upgrading from 11.x to 12.x with the X was no problem at all.




Have fun




Re: Vault Store marked for deletion forever


Under EnterpriseVault Directory database > VaultStoreEntry table > Change the VaultStoreStatus to 0. The status 1 is marked for deletion...

It is still recommended to log a support case for this.