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Vault store reduction report after shortcut deletion of 3 months

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we have almost 30 EV servers targeted 50 Exchange servers.

we were not enabled shortcut deletion yet, but now management decides to enalble it.

But they want report for storage reduction. how many space we save, if we apply shortcut deletion after 3 months.




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This is going to be tricky because

1) You are talking about shortcut deletion, not EV item expiry. Shortcuts are Exchange objects living in Exchange storage, and they are not tracked in, or even known to, EV's databases. To get any report on their quantity or size, you will need to get that from Exchange. I can think of a crude way you could do it in a script by looping through mailboxes, finding all the EV shortcuts by message class (IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut) using an EWS search filter, and tallying their size, but that's going to take a while to run in any environment large enough to be asking this question. And you'd need to write the script in the first place, which isn't trivial.

2) Even if you delete the shortcuts, Exchange won't necessarily give you back the disk space. The issues with Exchange whitespace are numerous and well-documented in the EV world.

It may be worth revisiting the premise of your question in light of this information.



I am not SQL experties, but what i thought. If we get the information of shortcut size and total number of shortcuts in SQL database. and also we get the archive date information. 

we should be able to get the output, what i require!



I'm not sure if you understood the first point I made above. I was telling you that information on shortcut size and total number of shortcuts is not kept in EV's SQL database. EV creates the shortcuts but does not keep track of them in its databases. Therefore you will not be able to get the information you seek from EV's SQL database.



Hi Kiran

Am curious to know were you able to run the storage reduction in any way?

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You could probably search with Exchange for the shortcut Mailtype.

 For example Powershell:

Search-Mailbox -Identity "Clara,Grape" -SearchQuery "IPM.NOTE.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut"

Run this over every mailbox and then add the size of these items.

And if you want to be exact also search for older items then 3 month.