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Veritas Enterprise Vault SharePoint Archive Search webpart - scope and properties

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I am testing the Veritas EV Archive Search results webpart in SharePoint and it looks very good so far.

I have a SharePoint Site Collection with over 1600 subsites that I want to archive. One of the main requirements is for users to be able to search by the subsite name. Currently that is only possible by adding a scope to the EV Archive search webpart settings. This is impractical as users would have to scroll down 1600 subsites for their search.

I am trying to get the SharePoint webpart search up and running. Not sure if anyone has encountered any of this or could help with this?

  1. Search by a SharePoint subsite.
    1. I would like to get advice if we could search by a SharePoint Subsite as a “property” in Advanced search. If so, what is the name of the Property?
    2. Note – The ‘Restore’ link contains the docFolder and in the URL, so it is pulling this information from somewhere. I thought it would be possible to query against this in Archive Search.
    3. Note - I tried the following Properties:
  • ApplicationPath 
  • docFolder 
  • docName 
  • FilePath 
  • Folder 
  • InFolder 
  • Location 
  • Path 
  • PortalUrl RawUrl 
  • Scope 
  • ServerRelativeUrl 
  • Site 
  • siteUrl 
  • Subsite 
  • Url

Question about scopes:

    • Note - If I add 'scopes' to the SharePoint Subsite it works. The only issue is we have over 1600 subsites and that is impractical for a user to scroll down the list of scopes.
    • Can we have a free text field for a new scope? So in other words, we need to customise this to allow a user to specify the name of the subsite in a free text field name in Archive search scopes.
    • Where is the list of Veritas EV Archive Search scopes stored in SharePoint or in SQL?