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Vision 2012 Las Vegas who is planning on attending



Who is planning on attending Vision in Las Vegas this year?

It is being held at the MGM Grand from May 7th - 11th. 

Here is a link to the site to register

Many of us on Connect never get the opportunity to meet so attending Vision is one of the best opportunities for us all to meet and put a face to the names we see on-line every day


I hope to see you there.

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I would like to, we can

I would like to, we can generally go on one oversea's trip a year for this  type of fun  training.


What would you suggest is better Vision, or the Partner Symposium later in the year


And it would be great to meet people and put proper faces to names.


I can make it this time

I can't make it this time around unfortunately But I will be honest and having been to the vision in barcelona and the one in Vegas, the one in Barcelona was far superior, better layouts, better demonstrations and hands on labs and better presentations

@ JesusWept Living in South

@ JesusWept

Living in South Africa Barcelona is actually closer for me, so despite the fact I love Vegas it would be more convenient. 

This does raise another question, looking at the various venues I see that South America has 3 but there is nothing in Africa. The Middle East could utilize a Vision in South Africa, so I imagine people from Africa and the ME would travel there. I wonder why Africa has no Vision representation? Maybe lack of support 



Working for a small company, attending Vision in Vegas is unfortunately not an option.

I am trying to get an ok to go to Barcelona this year.

Regards. Gertjan

Hi Bruce one Vision event for

Hi Bruce

one Vision event for all of EMEA!

I was hoping that EMEA Vision could be moved somewhere else (just for a change of scenery!) but it seems that the team organizing the event in Barcelona has been doing such a great job over the last couple of years, that it has become a 'fixture' (same as for Vegas in Northern America). Hope to see you (and other fellow SA's) in Barcelona.

Liam, Alex - hope to see you in Vegas next year!  I had a choice but due to 'personal responsibilities' I had to choose Barcelona. crying


Hi Marianne   Okay makes

Hi Marianne


Okay makes sense, yes I have every  intention of attending. First Tequila on Glenn Martin Smiley Happy


Sorry - can't make it - my

Sorry - can't make it - my wife has booked me a birthday long weekend away - hope to see everyone in Barcelona


We will start a 'Barcelona'

We will start a 'Barcelona' discussion closer to the time!


Bruce I say Vegas because you


I say Vegas because you get to hang out with ME laugh.

I dont think i'm planned for Barcelona even though it would be nice I love that city.


I can't make Barcelona, but I

I can't make Barcelona, but I will be there in Vegas again this year. 4th year in a row. Really looking forward to it again.


:) That would be a perfectly

Smiley Happy

That would be a perfectly acceptable reason,I agree.


Also as I mentioned I loved the city of  Vegas, it was everything I imagined it would be. For me these events are really about Networking with various people. Especially people who work for Symantec who you talk to but never meet. 


eDiscovery Day

For anyone that is going to be in Vegas this year make sure you look into the eDiscovery track with is the first day of VISION. It concentrates a complete day on eDiscovery and how Clearwell can make life easier not only for your legal teams but also for IT

You can get hands on labs with the Clearwell eDiscovery platfom and learn how it integrates with EV as well as what new features are coming in the future.

Check this out


Hope to see you there cool


looks like i'll be going!

looks like i'll be going! can't wait to finally meet everyone in person.

safe travels!


Andrew   Seek me out when you



Seek me out when you get there. I will be busy all day Monday as i\I'm involved in the eDiscovery day and Clearwell but outside if that lets meet up.




will do! i might be in one of

will do! i might be in one of those sessions if there's room left.