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WEB access application URL,


There is an entry for WEB access application URL if you right click an EV site => properties => general tab.

The default value is http://serverABC/enterprisevault . It means that all clients will use serverABC as web server, for small environment this is fine. But for large environment this is a single point of failure and the load is not balanced among EV server.

I heard that I can change this value to /enterprisevault and load will be balanced.

Does any body have any article on this?

Does it works if I use light client instead of full client?

Does it balance the load for only web applications like search.asp and archiveexploer.asp or it also balances the load for opening a short cut and archiving an email?


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Re: WEB access application URL,

On the General page of site properties, the URL for accessing the Enterprise Vault Web access application is set up automatically as:


Where EV_Webserver is the address of the Enterprise Vault server computer on which the Web access application is installed and location is the name of the virtual directory for the Web access application. For new installations this is always EnterpriseVault. For example:


If you are implementing an environment with built in resilience, using building blocks, for example, you may prefer to modify the URL to be less computer-specific.

If all Enterprise Vault servers must use the same virtual folder name, you can enter the URL as just the virtual directory. For example:


This forces Enterprise Vault to dynamically generate the URL as needed, with the appropriate server name for each user.
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