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Webcast: Best Practices for Social Media Compliance and eDiscovery

Social media has become a necessary part of any marketing strategy and is essential to building relationships with your customers. Similar to other electronic communications, social media is also subject to the same regulations and retention requirements from FINRA and other regulatory agencies and can be discovered during litigation. Join this insightful webinar to learn best practices for meeting your social media obligations. The speakers will also discuss how to collect social media, manage it with Enterprise Vault, and then discover it using the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform.

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3 Replies

hi mark, who is the intended

hi mark, who is the intended audiance for this? does the webinar include product demonstration?

The link for registration

The link for registration shows that registration is over, is there any other session you are planning?

Yes its showing, "This event

Yes its showing,

"This event is no longer taking registrations. Please with any questions."


Any idea about other session? If you have last session recorded then request you to share the same.