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Where is my saveset ID stored

Level 3

Hi, is there a way to determin which vault store a particular saveset ID is stored in?

I know evsvr can do it but i have 1000's to sort so needs to be done programmatically. Can it be done in SQL?


Level 6

The SavesetID is not stored permanently in its complete form in SQL. It is constructed from a combination of other fields in the Saveset table. There are some tables that will temporarily house a full SavesetID as an archived item works through the process of being indexed and secured, but these only stick around for 32 days by default and 90 days max.

If you know what archive the Saveset is in, that's a much easier way to look it up. If all you have is the SavesetID, then it's a bit harder. I threw together a PS script that should return the Vault Store names if you feed it a list of SavesetIDs. See attached. (You'll want to modify the filepath on line 21.)


I'm curious what circumstances would lead you to have a list of SavesetIDs without their accompanying ArchiveIDs, though. Most logging and reporting I can think of lists both, as both are needed to identify an item uniquely.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Chris. That may well do the job. I do have the archive ID if that makes it easier.

The scenario is that some archive moves are stuck on the "updating shortcut" stage. Support say extract the whole archive to PST which has gone down like a lead balloon when deleted content reappeared in their mailbox.

There's a mix of shortcuts pointing to the old and new archive. I'm trying to filter out i need to extract with dumpsaveset without having to extract all shortcuts with dumpsaveset. I'm trying to limit numbers that need to be extracted as we're talking 100000s of shortcuts