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Which retention category applied to an archive ?


As a check I should be able to control that the archives get the right retention category applied.

WE have 2 big entities on our Site and as one wants to delete after 10 years the other doesn't.

Luckily I created than 2 retention categories ans can set everything on the second one to avoid an automatically deletion of expired items.

But before I do this I want to make sure they all got the right retention category applied to their archive.

Is there a SQL query to check which retention is applied to which archive ?

Thank you very much


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Re: Which retention category applied to an archive ?

Hi Sandrine,

Have a look on this article:


Re: Which retention category applied to an archive ?

Hello @sandrine_goetha 

I would have two Provisioning Groups (at least) for the users belonging to those 2 entities. In the creation of the Provisioning Groups, we can specify the Retention Categories to be used by the archives in the Provisioning Group.


In order to know which user's archive has which Retention Category, I would look to see which Provisioning Group the user belongs to in the "Display Policies assigned to Mailboxes". 





I hope this helps... 

Sheldon Dsouza