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Why cant I see shortcut of Sharepoint?

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Hi all

As beginner engineer, I treasure your replies. :)

I am running EV 12 ver. on the test lab it is consists of EV12 with SQL, Exchange2016, sharepoint 2013 with SQL, FileServer. 

It's work archiving correctly, email archiving, file archiving. Archiving of Sharepoint is also work correctly but I cant see shortcut in library and didnt decrease size of documents. 

As following pictures, I could see archived documents in Search Archive in sharepoint of Archives menu and you can see the policy of Sharepoint. 


2016-04-28 09 48 05.png

2016-04-28 09 43 55.png

2016-04-28 09 49 10.png


I didnt set Shortcut Policy because I guessed It is not proper policy to make shortcut after archiving. 

What should I do to make shortcut and decreasing?