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Windows 10 1706 with Outlook 2016

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We are currently using Symantec enterprise Vault (though version listed in programs on each server is and we have the 10.0.4 Hotfix rollup applied. We've tried running the 11.0.7779 Outlook addin client however some of the test workstations often have issues related to the addin. We often get an error code 6 type Word.exe error message. As per the EV matrix, the version combination isnt supported, however is there are workaround to get the v11 Outlook client talking to the v10 Server? We're looking at rollout out Windows 10 with Office 365 and dont want the EV being a show stopper.

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I don't know you version of add-in, you spoke about 11.0.1 CHF5 ( ?
You can find the binary versions on this page :
Have you try to use the last version the ? (you can download it on this page
By experience you can havem ore than one version of difference by EV Server and Outlook Addin.
Other solution, make an upgrade of you EV server in version 11 SP1 CHF5 and use Outlook Addin in version 12. I think that if you are in version 10 of EV, your EV servers are already on Windows 2008 and that's easy to make the upgrade.



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Normally the Addins are compatible with +1 and -1 Majorversion.

So 11 Addin should work with EV 10.

What is the excat error?

Have you checked for necaccary Hotfixes?

The error we are seeing is " Sorry, something went wrong and Outlook was unable to start (6). Also the title of the message windows is Microsoft Word 16


We tried version 12, however it said that the backend wasnt compatible and didnt show the Enterprise Vault addin tab in Outlook

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this sound like you have problems with office-word component.

Find winword.exe and right click to try a troubleshoot.

I would contact your microsoft partner to have him look at it, if above step didn't work