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Windows 7 search from Offline Vault

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I've some some information that describes I can search live and Offline Vault (OV) e-mails universally from one place at that is Windows Desktop Search (WDS). Hopefully in the near future this will be integrated into Outlook native search. But at the moment I upgraded to Windows 7 and it seems there's the WDS already installed. Using this search is a little bit different from Windows XP and I'm confused. I enabled OV and downloaded all my e-mail but Windows 7 search finds only live e-mail (not archived e-mails). In Windows XP is see "Offline Vault" as a location when searching. Under Windows 7 I cannot see this location. Could somebody refer to some information or please describe me how to get it work? It's a real pain doing multiple searches to find live and archived e-mails you know.


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Seeing as Windows 7 is not officially released as far as I know it is not yet supported.

I'm sure that Symantec are testing it and it will be announced as Pending on the compatability charts once the OS is released. Maybe in SP3 for EV8 when released next month the new client may support it.