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Windows\Temp - viv_xq_files - Indexing

Hi folks, I wonder if someone can help fill in a blank regards the Windows\Tmp folder

I have a scenario where this folder location is filling up with viv_xq_ files which I am working to fix by resolving the underlying issue - indexing

My question though is related to clarifying where EV is configured to use that folder - Windows\Temp? I'd understood it was configured via the Windows Environment variables?

The TEMP folder in this scenario is on the C: drive and I want to move it as a starting point and then resolve the indexing engine issues

Does EV read the environment variable by default and use what's specified in order to find a temp folder to write these files too, or is it configured elsewhere?

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Re: Windows\Temp - viv_xq_files - Indexing

EV doesn't have a separate configuration for where the temp files go. It uses the Windows environment variable. We have a short article about our use of the temp directory here:


We don't have an article with the steps to change the location of the temp directory, as that's a Windows configuration, but there are plenty of instructions for that if you search the web.