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Zero day retention - usage?

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Hi folks,

EV 12.x is proud of the fact that you can now specify a zero-day retention. Somehow it escapes me in what situation to use it because I interpret that to mean that the archived item is deleted with the first expiry run after it's been archived? I haven't found an explanation anywhere.

Please enlighten me

Regards, Bert


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Interesting question.

I can see usage in combination with using Classification. If you classify items during archiving, especially using Journal Archiving, you might be able to filter the 'crap' messages and give those a 0-day retention policy. Think 'best deal', birthday announcements/wishes, items marked as private perhaps.

I can't see direct benefit, but I am sure there is one (or two) :)

Regards. Gertjan

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Hi Gertjan,

thanks for the reply; Classification is a good point, but to my knowledge you can use the tag action "Delete from archive (evaction.discard)" for that purpose. It marks the item for deletion.

Any thoughts from Veritas?

regards, Bert

This took a bit of digging, but it looks like this is meant to be most useful in conjunction with the RetentionStartDate property of an item.

In the VAC, you can choose to have a Retention Category start counting from the Modified Date or the Archived Date, but if you're manipulating an individual item with the Content Management API (either inserting or updating), you can also set a RetentionStartDate from which that item's "retention clock" starts ticking. I think the idea is that a partner using the API could set a zero-day Retention Category and also set an item's RetentionStartDate to a day in the future, and therefore can specify the exact date on which the item shall expire. This mirrors the behavior of the "Fixed expiry date" option that's in the Retention Category Properties, except that it can be assigned to an individual item.

This was one of a complement of Retention and Records Management features introduced in EV 12.2 that cater to U.S. government customers operating under National Archives and Records Authority (NARA) regulations.


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does zero day retention rely on the expiry process like retention categories?

Yup, items with fixed retention (including zero-day) can be eligible for expiry, but just like items with period-based retention, they won't actually be deleted until you run a Storage Expiry job.

You can see them listed out separately in the Storage Expiry report:

Log Name:      Veritas Enterprise Vault
Source:        Enterprise Vault 
Date:          12/5/2019 6:35:01 PM
Event ID:      7086
Task Category: Storage Delete
Level:         Information
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      EV-EXCH
Storage Expiry Report (Report Mode) 
Vault Store Name: FileVS 
Vault Store Id: 1504CA53AD0C8EF4A8CA1EC33C851DCA31210000evserver1.EV.LOCAL 
Number of vaults processed: 9 
Number of vaults enabled for expiry: 8 
Total number of expired items: 47 
Items marked with sent/received date based retention categories have been deleted: 
Items marked with archived date based retention categories have been deleted: 
Items marked with fixed date based retention categories have been deleted: 
Expire immediately (1/1/2018) : 47 items.
Start Time: 12/5/2019 6:34 PM 
End Time: 12/5/2019 6:35 PM 

For more information, see Help and Support Center at