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archive policy


We are using Enterprise Vault to archive user's mailbox, the policy is that EV will auto archive email which older then 30 days and the archived email will show in VV in Outlook. user unable to move any item to VV.

we would like to adjust the archive policy that ev will also archive the email and user can move email and calendar to VV manually. may i know how to configure the policy?


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Re: archive policy

Hello Ryan,

You need to configure this in the Desktop Policy, Advanced Tab, dropdown Virtual Vault.

The last settings are what you need to change to allow users to drag items in VV.

Mainly: Threshold number of items to trigger sync = your choice. Threshold total size of items to tigger sync = your choice, Users can archive items = Yes.

I advise to test this out on a limited group of (friendly) users, so you get an idea what setting does what. Be advised that if an item is moved into VV, and it is not synced to the archive, and the VV gets corrupted, you loose the item (it is not in the mailbox, nor in the archive). The chance of this happening is very small, but does exist.


Regards. Gertjan

Re: archive policy

check the client "information" for the archives after the change so you can see the options that are enabled for this specific archive.