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archive work does not start

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hi expert,

my ev does not archive the mail from the domino mailbox,

i created a vault storage, added the target domino server and enable the provisioning task and archiving task in the ev.
refresh of template of the target mailbox is done.

in the vault store partition, i setup "immediately after archive" in the remove safety copies,

i manually clicked a mail and set "enterprise vault store" from the toolbar of lotus notes client,
if i do not misunderstand this action should be instruct the ev to archive the selected mail.

after that, i try to restart the mail box archive task and provisioning task.
and right click run now.

however, a period of time later, i think almost 10 hours more later,
the icon still does not change and i try to view the detail of the mail.
and its status is "archive me now".

did i miss some configuration????????


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Did you do a run now of the Archive task against that mailbox?  That should do it.

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run several time

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Check MSMQ A3 queue if you see the message in this queue, as doing run now a message is sent to A3 queue to process the mailbox on basis of your policy you have set to archive mails which are in the mailbox.

If you don't see it in there try again doing a Run Now on a single mailbox and check.

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sorry where to check msmq a3 queue

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Use Compmgmt.msc to view the msmq look under "Services and Applications\Message Queuing'' at the private queues folder.  If you are in a clustered environment use the \enterprise vault\clustercompmgmt.bat to view msmq.


Can you confirm that the item has been archived?  Use the /enterprisevault/search.asp page on the evserver.  Make sure you have permissions to the vault.  if the item is not in the archive this might indicate a communication problem between EV\EVDG&Domino mail server.  Verify the Domino.ID has the correct permissions and review the configuration.

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checked there is nothing inside the msmq queue for ev.

so do u mean the problem comes from the insufficient permission?

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What does EventVwr Say??

Do you see any 3305 or 2256 Event.

Level 4

no 3305 or 2256 event, event log does not any special things

btw, i saw there is an error occurs several times b4, just want to know what is it, and how to overcome.

"the notes domains registy key is not configured correctly. see the 'setting up domino server archiving' manual.

what is it?

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I'm not a Domino guy, but I've had to work with a Domino environment recently.  Here are a few things I found:

a. Domino archiving does not use the MSMQs.  Calls are made directly to the Storage API.

b. I believe everything is handled by one of the following processes, for purposes of Dtracing:

Mailbox NSF archiving : EvLotusDominoArchivingTask

NSF Journaling : EvLotusDominoJournalTask

Since it appears that you are manually archiving, I suggest Dtracing EvLotusDominoArchivingTask during the manual process.

On a side, does a run now of the task archive anything?

Hope this helps.

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As Chris points out, Enterprise Vault for Lotus Domino doesn't use the MSMQs, and it doesn't use the ArchiveTask or JournalTask process.

When you run the Domino archiving task, another thing to make sure of is that you're doing both archiving and shortcut processing. Archiving alone will not convert the pending items to shortcuts.

Level 4

hi chris,

i don't have journal task, only mail archive task takes place.


i tried run now before, by selecting 'archiving and short cut processing'. 

however it does not work.


i tried to run in report mode.

here is the report

Report Run Started at 3/8/2012 3:44:34 PM for Domino Mailbox Archiving task 'DOMINO MAILBOX ARCHIVING TASK'

Server Mailbox Username StartTime EndTime Number of Eligible Items Number of Pending Items Number of Large Items (not archived) Total KB to Process No of Old Shortcuts No of Expired shortcuts No of Orphaned Shortcuts

(blinded) (blinded) (blinded) 3/8/2012 3:44:35 PM 3/8/2012 3:44:35 PM 2 0 0 1 0 0 0


Task Started  : 3/8/2012 3:44:34 PM
Task Finished : 3/8/2012 3:44:35 PM
Elapsed Time  : 00:00:01 (hh:mm:ss)

Total items eligible for archive: 2
Total pending items: 0
Total KB eligible for archive: 1 KB
Total number of shortcuts deleted by age: 0
Total number of shortcuts expired by retention category: 0
Total number of orphan shortcuts deleted: 0

Level 4

chris, on the other hand, how can i enable dtrace to check?

i have no idea about dtrace and did not use it before

please advise.


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Charles - you can use the following article to Dtrace EvLotusDominoArchivingTask.

So, you would do the following:

a. On the EV server, go to Start-Programs-Enterprise Vault-Dtrace

b. In the Dtrace utility, type the following:

set EvLotusDominoArchivingTask v (then press enter)

log c:\domino_archiving.txt (then press enter) <-- This assumes you have a good amount of space on c.

c. Attempt a manual archive of an item.

d. Then attempt to perform a Run Now of the Task.

 I'd say you should only have to wait 15 minutes.  Then you can type exit in Dtrace to stop tracing.

I hope this helps.