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archived attachment in forwarded mail


Someone in our office complained that she received an login screen from the enterprise vault, when she tried to open an email attachment.

On investigation it turned out that this person doesn't have an archive, but the email was forwarded form another collegea, and the attachment showed an archive icon.

How can the receiver ever open this attachment ?


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Not, but the person that

Not, but the person that forwarded the mail should have un-archived the mail and then send it. Normaly it should be un-archived when opening. I would suggest to start looking at the workstation of the person that forwarded the mail if the EV client is still active.

shoudl it automaticaly

shoudl it automaticaly unarchive when she sents it, or should she manually unarchive it before sending ?

Her client is still active, she can still open her archive. And i verified her index.

Did the sender ... A... Drag

Did the sender ... A... Drag and drop an archived email on to a message and send it? B.... Right click and forward an archived email? C... Double click an archived email and then forward it? And what version of the outlook addin is installed and which version of Office.
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It's symantec version 10,

It's symantec version 10, with Outlook 2007.

The attachment is an email, which again has been forwarded by another collegea.


I discoverd that if she right clicks her mouse and chooses "example" , she can read the content. If that is not enough, she should go to to person that forwarded the email.


Is there anything else needed

Is there anything else needed on this issue ?

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