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archived item can't be opened after being moved from PST to inbox

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we are using EVault 9.0.4 with exchange 2007 SP3 RU11 and Outlook 2010.


archiveds items can't be opened after being moved from PST to inbox with the below error message :


"enterprise vault cannot open this item

copy or move it to your mailbox and then try again from there"

 is this normal? any way to reset the message status?


thnaks for your help



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I've honestly never seen that message before Any chance of a screenshot and possibly a client trace??

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a screenshot is attached.


however we have manageed to find a workaround to copy the message and not moving it  (working with some messages but not all)..


but it's still wierd

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have a look at this technote

Trying to open an archived item using Outlook, a message stating "EV Cannot Open This Item - Copy or move it to your mailbox and then try again" is received.

Article:TECH63776  |  Created: 2008-01-03  |  Updated: 2014-10-08  |  Article URL

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Hello Andy, i have already checked the mentioned article and yes some times the same shortcut has missing info and some time it's complete has done this test on 3 machines with different users and the same impact message / item it's just sometimes work and sometimes not with out any reason

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what is interesting now that the e-vault id listed in the message, i can't find it by doing the below query select * FROM ArchiveView WHERE vaultentryid = 'ID' which sometimes i can still open the archived message successfully. any idea?