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Any one has access to this documentation I am trying to install and config EV during the installation Exchange server is not getting detected. may be due to RPC service not enabled ? 

Kamal_SA by Level 3
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Quick SQL License Confirmation

Hi AllI have a customer that uses EV.Cloud but still uses EV on-premise for historical data access only and historical eDiscoveryThey dont archive anymore and the customer wants to know how many SQL licenses they need for this type of " read-only " E...

nearly archive email unable to show

HI,We have one user that unable to show the newly email in web search (the last one is 31-Jan-2024). and stop at 31-Jan and no archive email can be show.We checked that daily archive report show that this account still keep archive emails. we also ca...

Y1251 by Level 5
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Issue after March 2024 Exchange Server Security Updates

Hi all, After install March 2024 Exchange Server Security Updates I notice EVPM is not working:   EVPM.EXE" -e «exch_server» -m «ev_system_mbx» -f "c:\inifile.ini" Setting Profile MailboxDN... Creating privileged MAPI session ... Error (0xc00408da) ...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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PST export fast then crawls for one user

What would cause a PST export to start out fast/normal but then crawl to a near stop.  Meanwhile I can start additional PST export jobs at the same time which run normal speed.Thank you

jshorr by Level 0
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Search and discovery of CDR's!

Hi there,one of my customers, a telco has tons of CDR files than need to be indexed and search for financial audits!We want to fulfill this request with EV and an Access Appliance.EV to index and push indexed CDR files to Access Appliance for retenti...

Exchange archiving report Reporting wrong value

Hi, Ca anyone check if they having the same issue, please? In the Exchange archiving report, I notice that "Size of items in Deleted Items folder (KB)" is showing the wrong value for some mailbox.Example: Mailbox display name: Mailbox1Final estimated...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Shortcut removal

I am trying to remove all shortcuts for a mailbox. Yesterday I set up a new provisioning group and mailbox policy to remove shortcuts after 1 day.  I also stopped archiving with shortcuts. However in 3 mailboxes I have tested there are all shortcuts ...

Archive not linked to any mailbox

Good morning, I just discovered something strange while trying to consolidate my environment. EV 14.1 for exchange Exchange 2016 I discovered that some archives are not "linked" to any exchange Mailbox and would like to delete them when they are emp...

Enterprise Vault 14.4 upgrade using SSMW with Dell ECS

Hi allHas anyone yet completed an EV upgrade with ECS S3 storage being used as the Archive partitions.I'm planning on using SSMW as I'll also be migrating Windows from 2012 to Windows 2019 and I know the SSMW procedure very well. What I'm asking is i...

KeirL by Level 6
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Discovery Accelarator EV binaries installation

Hello Team,We have  EV version 12.4.2 in a 2 node windows 2016 failover cluster and a DA on a another windows 2016 server with same per the upgrade process we upgraded DA to 14.5 first, updated the database all fine.we updated EV on both n...

ipatwi by Level 3
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Monitor tab in CA 14.4 goes into a hung state

We recently upgraded our EV journal infra from 12.5.3 to 14.4 and see the Monitor tab goes into a hung state. We keep getting this information within the EV logs every few mins while the Monitor tab within the CA client is in a total hung state. Last...

EV Export fails Access is denied. (0x80070005)

Hello together,we have a customer which have problems exporting items via ev search.Sometimes we see the following error while exporting. In the dtrace we can see the following:CItem::Get com_error raised Error [0x80070005] (err=80070005)460578 08:10...


Resolved! Synchronise fails msmq not enough resources

Hi its me the update to 14.4 and then 14.5 worked. but: the provisioning task and also the synchronize unter the archiving task fails with "rpc call failed" when I check the Event Viewer there is alwas two entries regarding the msmq.ID 342...

DCAIT by Level 3
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