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Applying a new policy to a current archive

I am applying a new policy to a mailbox that is already archived. (I am bascially changing the date of emails to archive from 6 months old to 2 weeks old and the indexing from full to brief)The policy then archives all mail older than 2 weeks and did...

Resolved! What is the impact of changing the Index level?

Ok, following on from my thread regarding phrase searches, management are now considering going with full indexing instead of medium. Besides the increase in database size, does anyone have any idea what impact on performance this will have on the se...

Question regarding Archive Explorer

All,As per another thread I had hoped to use client driven PST migration to pull in our PST's, but we've struck an issue with it, so I'm looking at the alternatives: PST migration wizard and Server Driven PST migration.At first I wanted shortcuts in ...

Cluster resourses keep going off line

I have just turned on FSA on 1 drive letter out of 10 on a MS cluster server I've only archived 1 time, the schedule is disabled. But on a nightly basis the archive files timeout on access seen in the EV log or the cluster resources go off line, but ...

Resolved! Understanding Client Driven PST Migration

Hi,I'm testing client driven pst migration and followed the procedure in the documentation. I didn't get the welcome messages because I made a mistake in that part.Under personal store mangement | Files I can now see my active PST file with status "m...

Resolved! Client Driven PST Migration - only doing half the job

Hi experts,We have deployed EV 6 SP2 and are about to proceed into Pilot phase. However, I am having an issue with client side PST migration.I enabled my own account as an example, and received the PST migration notification e-mail.A couple of PST's...

SAN Booting SRDF Questoin

I need a firm answer as to what level of SRDF EV supports. Was wondering about what potential problems if any could I run into if i decide to go with a LAN booting SRDF Solution.

Resolved! Using SSL on the EV server

Has anyone implemented SSL on an EV server in order to make sure that connections from clients to the EV server for archiving and retreiving were secure? If so how did you do it? This is a multi-server environment so modifying the webapp URL is not n...

Alan_M by Level 6
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Resolved! What are accepted search delimiters for the Vault?

I was wondering what are the accepted search delimiters when using the search function? I have a user trying to put "." between words (example so that only mails with these words are picked out, however his searches return no results.

Resolved! Restoring from vault in Outlook

I have the client tools installed & am in the middle of an Exchange 2003 migration between two domains. I'm usung EV to store the mailbox data prior to moving the mailboxes, once removed I use the client buttons in Outlook 2002 to restore from vault....

File Place Holder Service

I find that I have to re-start the File Placeholder Service on my file server multiple times a day sometimes. Is this normal? Is there a timeout limit that will disconnect the FS from the archive server?The service is running as the Vault Administr...

Errors in Discovery Accelerator

Hello All...EV v6.0sp2DA v5.0sp4Our team is receiving errors in their searches. The most prevelant is the 42077 error. I saw a thread started back in March on this forum regarding this same error but with a different version of EV. Any assistance ...

Creating a new Partition

I need to create a new partition but we have some backup issues and there are items "awaiting backup". Can I create a new partition even though items are awaiting backup and will those items be in the new partition?-Thanks

Retention Category

Is there a easy way to tell what retention category all the people on the retention system have. I would like a quick way to verify that all our employees are under the correct retention category. The only way that I have found to do this is from w...

Mojorsn by Level 5
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FSA Archive Problems

I currently have FSA in place on a number of Microsoft 2003 Clusters. However there is one in particular that is giving me trouble. When I run an archive in report mode I get the following:\\\S$\Users_S\walsh_le\KVS_Test_dat...

sybase presentaion on basic fundamental

Hi! all,i just joined this forum beacause i just put into the sybase databse and i need to learn the basic things like architectue basic function , trigges ,procedure etc..if u guys have some ppt on the same please send will really a gr8 help ...