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Unable to access mailbox archive

I have a user that cannot retrieve items from his archive. he is prompted for authentication and just keeps repromting when he enters his account info.This is via Citrix, but all other users are able to access their archives fine from this server. ...

J_White by Not applicable
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Best Practice Q - collections on an Active Partition

hey there folks, I wanted to get the forum's feedback on what the "best practice" would be for collections. Previously I've only recommended collections on closed partitions, but with sp2 it seems that it might be feasible to actually run them ag...

MSMQ - Journaling - hung?

My Journaling process appears to have hung. No items are being processed through MSMQ. A number of items just sit there. I have tried a restart without success.Any suggestions?Thanks.

Alan_M by Level 6
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Placeholder Service in a Active/Active Cluster

Hi I have a windows 2003 sp1 in a Cluster Active/Active with two nodes. This Cluster is a File Server with 4 groups. Until now, I have only one group with a "generic Service" resource, with parameter "EV Placeholder Service" and depending of one disk...

Resolved! Delete Retention Cateogry

Is there any way to delete a retention category other than by removing from the SQL database? The retention category was created as a test and never applied. I was expecting just to be able to delete it through the admin console.Thanks

Alan_M by Level 6
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Export Archive to PST Script

Is there anyway to script out the Export Archive to PST procedure? (i.e instead of going through the UI, running a command which will perform the same steps)Thanks.

Permission Problems

There is some kind of permissions problem going on in my environment where several people can see the same 6 vaults when manually archiving an item. I can not see the permissions set in either the EV admin console, AD, or on the mailboxes in Outlook...

CBVI error

Has anybody a 'CBVI' before? It happens when I try to retrieve something from the browser within Enterprise Vault client version 6. SP2 & version 5 SP6. I have a feeling it may be conflicting with another piece of software (HP Openview) but just wo...

Resolved! Cancel Pending Items

Hi,We have recently upgraded to EV version 5. I am in the process of converting all our archives before an upgrade to version 6. I have calls from a couple of users who are unable to cancel pending items between particular dates at the start of Jan...

Problem with Outlook XP Client

Hello,We are running EV6 SP2.I have a client running Outlook XP (Office XP) all latest MS Patches.Latest EV Oulook Plugins.If the user has a mail open (not vaulted) and presses 'x' delete key from the email. Outlook automatically tries to open the ne...

Mark_Ludgate by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Achiving mailboxes from diffrerent Win2K forest

Hi all,I set the EV server in a Win2K forest. And I already archive mailboxes for this forest.And I would like archive mailboxes from another Win2K forest.I opened the ports from EV to Domain Controller --> TCP 445EV to Exchange --> TCP 135But, when ...

Search Vaults XML page cannot be displayed

EV 5.0 / Server 2003 SP1When we Search Vault through Outlook and sort by Date or Folder we get following error msg: The XML page cannot be displayed.When we sort by Subject it works fine and gives us the correct results.How can this be resolved ?Than...

Archive Retrieve Error

Hi,I have Enterprise Vault 6.0 with SP1 on Windows 2003 SP1. All of a sudden I am not able to retrieve any archived files from Desktop / Explorer etc. I can see archived file but after clicking on it , it says file not found / permissions error etc. ...

EV on E12

Have any of you heard anything about EV running in an e12\Exchange 2007 environment?Seems like I heard that it won't be supported until EV7 which I believe comes out at the end of the year.

DCOM 10016 Error

Recently I have started to see many DCOM errors pop up in my Event Viewer.The error seems to be pointing to the INDEXBROKER not having Remote launch permission (which it was not explicity granted). I have since granted full control to the vault servi...

EV6 over WAN, best practice

Has anyone donne that yet?Initial Setup:- We have a Windows 2003 AD, covering the location in Europe and USA.- Both AD-sites have an Exchange 2003 cluster with approx 800 Mailboxes and 100GB mailstore on each site.- The european location uses EV6 SP...

Info_Info by Not applicable
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Event ID: 6564

Please help with the occurrence of this error in the Event Viewer-Enterprise Vault category. Source : Enterprise VaultCategory : Storage ArchiveEvent ID : 6564This error has multiple occurrence every day during the archiving of the journaling box...

EV6.0 SP2 Client-Driven PST Archiving

How is possible to enable once 1000 or more users for PST Client Driven Archiving?Is is possible to enable users using script and/or LDAP query/AD group?It is hard to manage it if only way to enable/disable users is to do it manually one by one.

Exclude a specific folder from archiving

Hi All,I recently discovered that the Junk E-Mail folder in Outlook 2003 is not excluded from our archiving policy.Can I exclude it using an evpm script or is this a registry setting. I have searched everywhere to no avail.Currently on EV5.0 sp3Than...