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Resolved! Downgrading from V6.0 to Ver 5.0 Sp6

Hi,I have a Ver 6.0 base install, File System Archiving only, layered onto a NT4.0 domain, with Win2k Servers, MS clustered active-active. No plans to upgrade to 2003 yet.There are problems with some FSA working on a server share but not others. Ser...

Resolved! Backing Up Placeholder FIle Archiving Shortcuts

When trying to back up placeholder shortcuts we are experiencing real issues. we are getting many 'corrupt' tems reported or 'access denied' messages in the backup log when I know that they are not corrupt files, just that they are placeholder short...

Copy a Placeholder

Hi,Does anyone know if it�s possible to copy a placeholder to a different location without bringing the original file from the archive?Thanks

Resolved! Not allowed to use TCP port 80

Hi,I�m not allowed to use port 80 for EVault purposes so I need to change this in the IIS� EV web site (not in the default web site) and configure EV to use the new assigned port.Is this possible and how?Thanks,Jose Luis Perez

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator License Key Issue

I am having an issue with the system recognizing my key. I had it working fine yesterday, but had to uninstall and reinstall. Now with the same file name as before the Discovery service does not start. Could the uninstall and reinstall have affected ...

Resolved! Location for SQL Server - in a bind

When we were first sold EV, we were told the SQL databases were for config info only, so here at HQ, we loaded the SQL databases on our utility SQL server. Since then, we've learned that the SQL databases do much more than hold the config info. If ...

Resolved! Discovery Accelerator problems

I'm trying to complete a pretty large search and it never finishes. I've left it for over 24 hours and it hangs up around 96% complete. I'm trying to search across 8 journal archives and approximately 3000 mailbox archives so it is a pretty big sea...

vxfentsthdw hangs when I try to perform the scsi-3 test

I am trying to get vxfentsthdw to run and test the scsi-3 binding but everything I run the script it hangd and I cannot break out of the command. I use the ras disk and I have three luns attached to both systems (i.e. meaning both systems can see th...

EV 6.0 SP2 nightmare

Hi,We have deployed EV 6.0 Sp1 for FSA. Whenever I try to upgrade to SP2 ,seems to be getting diffeent errors. For the first time after upgrading when the system hung, was given an hotfix which solved that issue. Now when I upgrade, in the Admin cons...

Offline Vault Synchronization hanging

Has anyone else had any problems with update offline vault hanging and the progress box is blank.I can fix this problem by restarting all the vault services, but it seems to happen about 2-3x per week and we only have 8 mailboxes vaulted.I can't find...

Storage or Indexing Problem???

I have been seeing the following events for the last couple of days and I am unable to figure out what is going on. Indexing and Storage seem to be running (very slowly). Any ideas on where I should focus my energy? EV6 SP2 recent installation of CA ...

Offline Vault - enable single user

I understand that it is possible to enable an Offline Vault for a single user by adding the OVenabled registry key. This does not seem to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?EV 6.0 SP2Windows Server 2003Thanks

Alan_M by Level 6
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Also, Restore from Vault Option Question

I've restricted (i.e. "Hide Both") the Restore from Vault option for OLK 200x clients but if a user clicks the Search Vaults button and searches for an item then they can restore it ('Restore Whole Item' is visible)I must have missed something..?Than...

Setting Default Exchange Server

When restoring an item using Archive Explorer, users are prompted to type in their Exchanger server and mailbox. We have 14 Exchange servers in our organization, and the users do not know which Exchange server hosts their mailbox. Is there a way to c...

Web Reporter - Usage.asp

Hi Forum, I seem to be unable to use the Reporter function (http://myvaultserver/enterprisevault/usage.asp) from my computer - or any other for that matter. I reached the page but then get Access Denied under the mailbox stats. Strangely, if I RDP to...

Mailbox Properties and DesktopSettings.txt

Hi,We have our Destkopsettings.txt MailboxPropertiesVisible = 0This prevents users form seeing the EnterpriseVault Tab when viewing the properties of Outlook today. Only issue is that I would like the service account to be able to see this tab when ...

Resolved! Deleting items from archive

Once a user deletes an item from the archive how long does it take before the item is deleted from the Vault? Is there a process/task that you can be started to ensure that this happens immediately. Also, when will the indexes get deleted?Thanks

Alan_M by Level 6
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