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Storage or Indexing Problem???

I have been seeing the following events for the last couple of days and I am unable to figure out what is going on. Indexing and Storage seem to be running (very slowly). Any ideas on where I should focus my energy? EV6 SP2 recent installation of CA ...

Offline Vault - enable single user

I understand that it is possible to enable an Offline Vault for a single user by adding the OVenabled registry key. This does not seem to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?EV 6.0 SP2Windows Server 2003Thanks

Alan_M by Level 6
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Also, Restore from Vault Option Question

I've restricted (i.e. "Hide Both") the Restore from Vault option for OLK 200x clients but if a user clicks the Search Vaults button and searches for an item then they can restore it ('Restore Whole Item' is visible)I must have missed something..?Than...

Setting Default Exchange Server

When restoring an item using Archive Explorer, users are prompted to type in their Exchanger server and mailbox. We have 14 Exchange servers in our organization, and the users do not know which Exchange server hosts their mailbox. Is there a way to c...

Web Reporter - Usage.asp

Hi Forum, I seem to be unable to use the Reporter function (http://myvaultserver/enterprisevault/usage.asp) from my computer - or any other for that matter. I reached the page but then get Access Denied under the mailbox stats. Strangely, if I RDP to...

Mailbox Properties and DesktopSettings.txt

Hi,We have our Destkopsettings.txt MailboxPropertiesVisible = 0This prevents users form seeing the EnterpriseVault Tab when viewing the properties of Outlook today. Only issue is that I would like the service account to be able to see this tab when ...

Resolved! Deleting items from archive

Once a user deletes an item from the archive how long does it take before the item is deleted from the Vault? Is there a process/task that you can be started to ensure that this happens immediately. Also, when will the indexes get deleted?Thanks

Alan_M by Level 6
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Page file issue...

What is the recommended Page File size for the EV Server for 3000 users? Should it be split up between drives? Should it be off the system drive?Also, is it recommended to have /3GB switch in the Boot.ini file if we have 4GB of physical memory?Are t...

ConvertArchive process

I'm currently working through converting the indexes on our Enterprise Vault server so that users will have the ability to use Archive Explorer. We are running version 5.0 SP6 and after submitting the request it seems to work well, and the monitor s...

Newbie Questions

Hi all,We installed EV 6 last month. Email archiving is going well. FSA however is not doing so great. We are a Netapp shop running 7.02. I have many files that show up as pending archiving. While they are in this state I am unable to retrieve a...

Resolved! Client installation error

Has anyone come across client (Full and Lite) installation issues? The installer appears to complete successfully but there is no button or menu functionality in Outlook. I've tried both the Lite and Full clients without luck. The odd thing is that t...

Alan_M by Level 6
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OWA extensions not working

I've installed the OWA extensions. Everything appears to have installed correctly however I am unable to connect to EV to retrieve the email.I looked through the threads on the forum without success. Is there anything obvious that I might be missing?...

Alan_M by Level 6
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Inbox and Sent Items Sub-folders

I am looking for a way to turn off archiving for Inbox and Sent Items but allow archiving for all existing or new sub-folders under Inbox or Sent Items. Since the users have already created sub-folders I do not have a standard naming for the sub-fol...

Mailbox archiving - reporting inaccurate

I have a mailbox that is over 5GB but EV report mode is suggesting that it is only 1.5GB. It seems unlikely that this is whitespace in Exchange so I'm looking for an explanation as to why there is such a large discrepancy between Exchange and EV. Any...

Alan_M by Level 6
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Shortcut Deleteion

I have an evpm policy to archive items after 4 and delete the items after another 4 days, giving me a retention of 8 days. The site setting is set to expire items all day on Sat and Sun. Shortcut deletion is set to run on Sun after the expire job h...

KG by Level 3
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