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Resolved! Shortcut Expiry Exclusion

We have a business partner (1 out of 1300) who does not want any of his shortcuts automaticaly deleted.Does anyone have an idea on how to allow his and only his mailbox from not deleting shortcuts when shortcut expiry runs?

Resolved! Journal Search

Can anyone tell me why when I search the journal the attachments do not show a mailbox or user. For example, this is what I see after I perform a search on the journal:xxx123.pdf 5/4/2006 4:22:19 PM - Inbox - pdf - RetentionAs you can see, no user o...

KG by Level 3
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6.0sp2 Sharepoint Shortcuts??

Hey there guys, I've been playing with the new features in the sp2. I can't seem to understand/make work the shortcuts in sharepoint. Whenever an old document gets shortcut'd, if you click on it, you get prompted for a password. If you authen...

Installing Outlook extensions on Citrix server

Does anyone have experience with installing the Outlook Extension MSI (EV6.0 SP2) on a Citrix server that uses re-mapped drives? We can't get it installedI do not have much experience with Citrix server and I am trying to collect information to prov...

Upgrade from 6.0 SP1 to SP2

We are currently on 6.0 SP1 on Windows 2003 standard server sp1. Our version of Exchange is 2003 SP2. We are looking to go to SP2 for Enterprise vault.Has any one had any issues or heard of anyone having issue's with SP2. Anything I should be awar...

A_H by Level 2
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Support matrix for EV v5 (version 5.0-RG5970)

Hi all,I wonder if Exchange 2003 SP2 is supported by EV v5 (version 5.0-RG5970)... We are currently running Exchange 2003 SP1 and planning to upgrade to SP2...I also wonder what the latest version of EMC Centera firmware is supported by this version...

Placeholder service on a 64Bit Windows 2003

did someone have already install the Palceholder service on a 64bit server ?i have a problem with the placeholder on a64 bit failing to start.Any ideas ?Event Type:ErrorEvent Source:Enterprise Vault Event Category:File Placeholder Service Event ID:20...

Service Account permissons in Exchange

Hi.What are the permissons needed for the Enterprise Vault Service Account in an Exchange2000 environment. I need to know what the permissons should be on both Organisation level and Administrative Group level as well as other permissons.kindlyAndOls

And_Ols by Level 3
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Shortcut limit

When importing PST files using policy manager is there a way to limit the age of the shortcuts created in the mailbox?

Resolved! Automating EV searches

Is it possible to automate a search of several journal archives for the same search criteria, on a regular basis (say, nightly, or weekly)? And then export it, or put it in a search basket?Ed

Filtering incoming/outgoing mail

Does EV 5 SP5, or any of the related products, have the ability to archive a copy of incoming/outgoing mail to a particular domain? For example, I want to save a copy of all mail coming from, or going to Is that possible?Thank you.Ed

Error 6336

Error 6336 is showing up in the application log: Error storing Saveset as Vault is not available.Everything looks fine users are able to access the vault and all of the services are running the Disk management looks fine. Anyone have any suggestions?

A_T_2 by Level 4
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Error when disabling mailbox

I have 1 EV server (5.0 SP4) and 2 Exchange 2000 servers. When I disable a mailbox on 1 server, it works fine. When I try on the other server I get an error:"The Archiving Service for EXCH2 failed to disable the mailbox "User""There is an event in ...

Users archived mailboc to PST

Hiya everyone,i've had a rather odd request from a user at a clients site, and i'm hoping that someone can help me with it.All servers run windows server 2003 SP1.We run exchange 2003 SP2We have enterprise vault 5.0 SP6a user has requested a .pst fil...

Vault Rights

I have been adding users to EV and one thing I noticed is when you go to search you can see all the other users that have been added to EV. However, the permissions deny you from searching the users vault, unless you grant access of course. Is ther...

KG by Level 3
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Policy application question

Please correct me if I'm wrong.When a mailbox or ou is enabled for archiving, the policy is tied to the ou. So, the policy applied to a mailbox is completely dependent on the ou it's located.Allowed - mailboxes in one or more ou's w/same policy stor...

Upgrading EV server

We are running Windows 2k3 on the EV servers (6.2)...If we upgraded the 2k3 OS to SP1, are there any changes that we need to make or can we just follow the normal step to upgrade?ThanksTim