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Archive Explorer/Search result inconsistency

I have a user with about 45,000 items total in her archive. She has one subfolder tree that she's using a lot lately, but in Archive Explorer, it shows only 1 subfolder in that tree, when there should be about 10. It also only shows 6 email items.I...

View in outlook or Web

Hi,I want to see my archived items in outlook but he starts a Web browser. In know you can change this on the settings button but nothing changed.Anyone a idea?

Mac User Extensions

Hi All,We are running EV6 with SP2 and Exchange 2003 SP1, we have a few Macs in the company running os 10.4 and using Entourage 2004 as their mail client has anyone heard if there are any plans to release user extensions for Macs??

Resolved! Error while looking into the Vault

Hi,I enabled a mailbox from a user and after an archive run there where several mails archived but when the particular user wants to look into an archived mail he gets a error "Could not show this item, this item could not be dowloaded and a popup wi...

Resolved! ESM Confirmation

Hey all, I need a quick confirmation. I thought that if an EV server was archiving from an exchange 5.5 server, that it needed to have the 5.5 ESM (+hotfixes) installed on it. If the EV server is archving from 2003 exchange, the 2003 ESM needs to ...

Pst task's

I have a new challenge, My locater task gathered all the pst's. Now i searched for the owners of those pst's and then they are ready to copy. I started the collector task and afterwards i saw in the collector-log that there were problems to acces tho...

Resolved! Archiv Explorer within OWA

If i login over Web Access and start Archiv Explorer, i can see all the archived items from the other users (NOT good). Within Outlook it is correct, there i see only my stuff.(EV6.0 SP1, Office 2003)

Resolved! Unarchiving files FSA

Can some one tell me if by opening an archived file and closing it again (without making changes), it retrives the archived file and plces it back in its stored location? ie unarchives it.Thanks

Syncronise FSA

Can someone tell me what happens when the Vault server performs a sync with the Archive servers,?thanksRichard

Resolved! Recovering EV server

I need to rebuild our EV server (it's still up and running), and I was advised to do it as a disaster recovery situation. Fortunately, all the archives are on another physical drive, and SQL server and databases are on another server. I should be abl...

Resolved! Number of Emails Journalled

Does anyone know if there is a report or anywhere to look to see how many emails get journalled/archived in a period of time?Say I want to see how many emails are archived through journalling for the past week?Thanks!

Problems restoring from Archive Explorer

I would normally open a support case with Symantec for this, but considering their support is a joke I thought I might get a quicker response here. I have a user who deleted everything out of several email folders within Outlook. They are not on an...


Hello,One of my users seems to be insufficient permissions. Event 7263 Search request refused because the user does not have sufficient permissions to search any folder in the archive. Everywhere i looked, it seems to be ok, anyone suggestions?

Resolved! Pst migration failed items

Hi,I get from some users whose PST file was migrated that in there PST file a new folder appeared " PST migration failed Items" In this folder stays "normal mail" which was not migrated. Can anyone explain why and what to do against it, because this ...

Resolved! How to change location of SLQ databases?

the full question is how to change location of SQL databases when the current SQL server is offline?Yesterday we had situation when the SQL went down and I restored the last backup of SQL DBases but could not change their location through Administrat...

Resolved! Searching for archived files

I am having an issue with EV FSA where by I cannot search for files in a network drive which have been archived, using Windows XP but it seems to work fine with Windows 2000.For example, if I have a folder with 5 xls files in it, 2 of which have been...

Baskets and Shopping Services

Hey all, Found solution to an issue and thought I'd post it. Be sure your enterprisevault webpages have the write permissions turned on, otherwise you won't be able to create shopping baskets. micah

Deleting non enterprise vault messages

I am using EV 6.0 SP1 with Outlook 2003. If I select multiple non-archived messages and hit the delete key on my keyboard I get an Enterprise Vault pop up asking me if I really want to permanently delete the items. If I hit yes they are gone forever....

EV and Centera integration

I'm looking to install EV in a Centera environment and I'm looking for any documentation or recommendations on how to do this.Thanks.

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