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Locating PST files with no extensions

Scenario:All PST files are stored on user home directories but have no file extensions due to some bad scripting. Outlook does not complain about this. The PST Locator task cannot find these due to this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ther...

Resolved! EVFSF.SYS :- intermittent server hangs

We have been experiencing intermittent server hangs on two files servers, and have just received the following from Microsoft advising that this is due to the evfsf.sys, we are running EV6 sp1 on w2k3 sp1 see below for MS advise. I was wondering if a...

Resolved! Failed to extract CAB file.

Guys,I started to use File Management Software (Enterprise Vault) to decrease number of files on Vault Partition, now all saveset files (DVS) are combined in larger collection files (CAB). It was used for long period of time without any problem. Afte...

IFilter for Enterprise Vault?

Anyone know if there is an IFilter for Enterprise Vault? We're looking to integrate it into MSN Desktop search and would prefer if it could also pick up the archived messages. (Or else is there an API we can use to write our own??!)Thanks!Kev

Resolved! Clearing Cache

Hi guys Would there be a problem with the KVS vault if I had to clear cache everyday on about +-5 user's pc for them to access the kvs vaulted item? Rob

Found an interesting thing - pending messages

Hey folks, I thought I'd update the group on a solution for a strange problem I encountered while doing an EV6.0sp1 demo. The customer was experiencing a problem wherein the test user could manually mark email items for archving, and it would en...

Enterpise Vault 5.0 SP5

We are looking at co-locating our DC and Exchange server on the same server. Has anyone experienced any issues configuring this type of environment.RegarsdMark

Resolved! Changed Anonymous Internet User - EV OWA no longer functions

I have had to change the user that our web sites function under for anonymous access. In doing this, the OWA EV functions no longer work. The full Outlook clients work just fine and the web client used to work fine. I have set the username up on t...

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Opinions on EV

Just out of curiousity I wanted to see what's everyone's opinion was on EV. Let's try to keep the opionions on the product alone, Ibecause I'm pretty sure most of us already have an opionion on the support.

5 to 5 SP6

Hi there,I am looking at updating our vault 5 to 5 with SP6. I have downloaded the update (78Mb) and read the readme etc documentation.It says in there: You must run the Configuration Program after you install Enterprise Vault 5.0 SP6. For instructio...

Replace Vault Server

Hello,That the harware is getting old and slow we though that we could replace our second Vault Server. ( the one without the directory service).Could someone explain me how this has to be done 'Thanksminkamau

View more then 10 iteams in Archive explorer

Hi EveryoneI would judt like to find out if it is possible to view more then ten iteams in Archive explorer? Reason I ask is because I need to restore 10 000 items and archive explorer only shows 10 items at a time. Does anyone know how to view say a...

Multiple Application Servers

I am in the process of setting up an additional application server for PST migrations. We run version 5.0 SP5 on Windows 2003. SQL is on a separate server completely. Our mail servers are 2003 as well. Currently, all processes run on one vault ...

DLL's, INF's, and the versions that love them.

Hello all, I'm relatively new to EV, and I'm about to install it. Before I get started, I read many of these forum posts to discover that EV is really picky about DLL and INF versions. I was wondering if anybody had a list of the critical DLL...