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Resolved! Outlook offline mode

How does EV work with outlook offline mode? We cannot use Outlook cache mode due to incompatibility on third party software. Can users still able to use offline vault without cache mode?Thanks,Sam

Resolved! MAC support

Does EV support any internet browser other than Internet Explorer from Microsoft? We have a bunch of user running MAC OS X and use FireFox.

Resolved! RPC-HTTPS

Does EV support RPC over HTTPS on Outlook 2003? If not, do you know when it will be supported?Thanks,Sam

Resolved! EV6 SP1 upgrade...Messages in MSMQ...

Looking at the SP1 Installation guide it states: 1. Check in MSMQ that there are no items on the Enterprise Vault Storage Archive queue. If there are items on this queue, wait for the Storage Service to empty the queue before continuing. In viewing t...

Users can see multiple users vaults!

Hi,Can anyone think of a reason why most of our staff are able to see other users vaults when going to their browse vaults page.In the drop down list I can browse the vaults of two other staff for instance. The only thing we share in Outlook 2003 is ...

Automatically enabled mailbox on Exchange 5.5

There is a 2003 domain and a Exchange 5.5 server. Created an OU and some user accounts in it. Moreover, there are mailboxes created for these accounts. I would like to use the "automatically enabled mailbox" features for an OU, but I found that mailb...

No Buttons in OWA 2003

I just installed the EV6 SP1 Outlook Web Access on my backend server (no front end). I have icons for the items, can open them, but no buttons to archive anything from webmail. I'm running Exchange 2003 SP2. Any ideas?Thank you,Kelly Martin

MKJ by Level 4
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Errors in EV Logs Event id 6469

Hi all,Only recently we been receiving some errors (10 of the same errors). Below is the description.Event Type:ErrorEvent Source:Enterprise Vault Event Category:Storage Archive Event ID:6469Date:24/01/2006Time:4:25:19 AMUser:N/AComputer:SYDARCH01Des...

Resolved! Swapping a vault to a new Mailbox

Here's a good real world problem. A user moves offices and for reasons I won't even begin to go into, he is given a new mailbox but then asks if he can have access to his old vault. I thought wouldn't it be nice (user friendly) if I assign his old va...

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
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Decompression error when restoring

Hi all,each week start with a new problem to solve :)This week is the decompression error when restoring an archived mail with an attachemnt.Here is the story :A mail with an XLS attachement of 8 Mo was archived (size after compression is 5 Mo).When ...

Resolved! Change user mailbox to different mailbox policy

Hi all,Just curious if you can change an archive mailbox from the default mailbox policy once it has been assign to it. I know you can go and change it it the ini file but I have about 30 users that I would like to change it to a dffierent policy.Tha...

Not enough storage is available (EV 4 CP7)

Hello there,EV will make me crazy :(I receive the following errors when the scheduled archiving is launched :Index server - Events 7180 et 7187Storage Replay Index - Events 7183, 6235 et 6483All are about the 'Not enough storage is available to comp...

DCOM Errors 10002 in System Log

Hello,I get a lot of DCOM Errors 10002 in the System Event Log of the Enterprise Vault server. The error message says: "Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server." We are using Enterprise Vault 5.0 SP5 for File Server Archiving.Does anybody ha...

Unable to create vault for mailbox on another forest

Using the enable mailbox wizard to enable a mailbox on another forest. At the final step after clicking the "finish" button, it prompts an error stating cannot create the archive for this. What's the problem?Event Type:ErrorEvent Source:Enterprise Va...

Resolved! CA (5.1 SP4)

Are any of you familiar with the latest version of CA (5.1 SP4)?If you've run the upgrade, what were your experiences? Do I run the risk of losing any of my current configurations?One thing I'm not clear on is, in the documentation for the upgrade, i...

PST Locator task

I have some questions about the PST Locator task. What determines what computers it searches. Does it search all compputers in the Domain? Does this impact network and system performace? Does it need to be run only at night?

Resolved! Synchronize default permission event id 3285

I got this warning in event log. Actually, what does it mean?Event Type:WarningEvent Source:Enterprise VaultEvent Category:(19)Event ID:3285Date:1/19/2006Time:5:30:36 AMUser:N/AComputer:EVSERVERDescription:The folder has Default permissions set that ...