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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Indexing Service is stopping after start.

Hi All, I'm in trouble with Enterprise Vault Indexing Service ! I've read many article but could not find any solution. Please share your opinion. I've installed new Enteprise Vault 11.0.1 version on Windows Server 2012 R2 for my organization.I've ...

yilmazbalci by Level 3
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Resolved! Move Archives

Hello, WE are using EV 11.0.1 CHU4 on  windows 2012 R2 Servers. I have few archives ( less than 10) which are not archived in the Vault Store we would like to ( reorganization,...). I thought at moving them with a "move archive".Unfortunately it i...

Consolidating EV-Policies - Offline Search is needed

Hi Guys, our target policy and config is to archive Mails after 4 weeks with Shortcut creation, after 12 month Shortcuts will be deleted. Users can choose between default Online and optional Offline availability. After updating to EV Version 11 ( ...

Resolved! re-enable disabled mailboxes

Hi,   I have been moving mailboxes and mailbox archives between sites, prior to moving the mailboxes I disabled archiving for each mailbox. Now that the mailboxes and archives have been moved I would like to re-enable the mailboxes for archiving a...

Add Server to site

Hi, I have one server EV. This archive the files (FSA) and mails (Exchange). I want add 2nd server to separate the archive tasks. One Server to archive mail and other server to archive files. Need I configure a cluster or just add a server is enou...

Migration Strategy

Hello all,   We are currently running EV 9.0.4 and wish to eventually migrate to EV 12... Would it be possible to stand up a 12 environment in the same or seperate site, then use Move Archive Wizard to transition the data? If we have to export all ...

Resolved! EV 10 and IIS logfiles

Hi    I am at a customer site and we are running a single EV server with approx 2000 users, the C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1 is around 17GB in size and the oldest files are dating back to 2014   Can we clean up in this folder or is the log fil...

JesperBerth by Level 5
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Resolved! Migrate from EMC SourceOne to Veritas EV

Does anyone have any experience with migration of SourceOne Exchange archiving to EV? We have a customer who want to replace SourceOne with EV. My understanding is that they have 2 options: Export all SourceOne archives to PST, followed by import ...

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! upgrading from EV10 to EV12

Hi  I am currently running EV10 version on  2 Windows Server 2008r2 Servers, with SQL 2005 running on a 3rd  Windows Server 2008r2 Can anyone recommend an upgrade path to get to EV12, all 3 Servers to go to Windows Server 2012r2 with SQ...

Latest sizing tool

Dear Everyone, I'm looking for the Enterprise Vault sizing tool, and i'm unable to find it on Does someone have a link ? Thanks

Lenny_ by Level 4
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Don't see Index for active partition

I'm curious, I was just looking at index directory and I see an index folder for all of my closed partitions  for which there are 8. But, I don't a one for my active partition.

Disk full because of lot of temp files (viv_xq_*)

Hi, Vault services is stopping because disk D: hosting temp files is full of following files viv_xq_*. Based on Symantec support, Indexing could be the root cause.  From VAC, Index volume status indicates no failed index. From event logs, I've ev...

EV12 mail app failes loading the first time its accessed

We have build a EV12 environment from stratch and implented split DNS for accessing the Outlook Mail app internally and externally. Lets name the URL - The version EV is on @2012R2 - Exchange 2013 CU11 on 2012R2 - Outlook...

Marcelvk by Level 3
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Message classes of an archived mail.

What are the different message classes of an archived email?? I have found two as of now: --> IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut -->IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.PendingArchive My objective is to identify mails that can be accessed by the owner only(Af...

Sn1 by Level 2
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Deduplicating EV Data

Is it possible to dedupe the data on a closed partition? Is there a tool or 3rd party app that can scan the entire partition, detect duplicate items and remove them? This is while using EMC Celerra unified storage platform for the partition.    

Reducing the watchfile count

Greetings, We've several stores of around 100GB each, all but the current store are closed.  While attempting to move one of the older partitions to alternative storage, I have run a watchfile count query and been given a figure exceeding 35,000.  O...

Installing SQL 2012 in the existing environement

Hi All, I'm planning to install SQL 2012 in my current Enviornment of EV 11.0.1What am looking for is all the prerequisites needed prior installating SQL 2012 on the server.Please note: It's an ITC environment where I'm going to do the implementation...

Resolved! Journal items - 3071 - Do Not Archive

Hello all, Running EV11.0.1 CHF3, 12 EV servers, Exchange 2013. Only performing Journal Archiving. We have many Journal Mailboxes which contain a backlog of several million of items. These Journal Mailboxes are static (i.e. no new additions), but n...

GertjanA by Moderator
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